Ship-street, Great

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Ship-street, Little, to Golden-lane.

P. St. Bride.—1 to 27 Wood-quay W. 28 to 44 Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Connor, John, wire worker, 12l.

2 M'Namee, Henry, wire worker, 10l.

3 Vacant, 10l.

4 M'Donnell, Terence, dairy, 10l.

5 Doyle, Mrs. 9l.

6 Thomas, Jno. boot & shoe mkr. 12l.

7 and 8 Tenements, 23l., 22l.

9 Short, Henry, tobacconist, 18l.

10 Malone, Patrick, bricklayer, 16l.

11 Mooney, Edward, grocer, 20l.

here Clarke's-court intersects

12 & 13 Drumm, T. prov. dlr. 18l., 15l.

13½ Wilson, William, tobacconist

14 Elward, Thomas, prov. dealer, 18l.

Widows' Alms-house of St. Bridget's

15 to 18 Tenements, 18l. to 20l.

19 Sheridan, Robt. wood turner, 24l.

20 Francis, John, watch case maker and gilder, 21l.

21 Richards, Oliver, gun maker, 23l.

22 Murphy, C. engraver, 19l.

23 Colley, William, brass founder, 19l.

24 Central Ophthalmic Institution, and Dispensary for Diseases of the Eye & Ear—medical attendant, Richd. Daniel, m.b., l.r.c.s.i. 20l.

25 Vacant, 12l.

26 Nolan, Catherine, dairy, 8l.

27 Kelly, Mr. John, 19l.

here Golden-lane & Stephen-st. intersect.

28 to 44 Infantry Barracks, 720l.

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