Sherrard-street, lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Russell-place to Portland-place.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Duncan, Miss Matilda, 35l.

2 Mapother, Henry, agent to Henry Johnson and Co. hop merchants, 33 Mark-lane, London, 35l.

3 Sutter, Mrs. 28l.

4 Hales, Mrs. 28l.

5 M'Mullen, John, wine merchant—office, 29 Bachelor's-walk, 28l.

6 Gill, Mrs. 30l.

7 Wilson, Rev. William, 27l.

„ Phelan, Mrs.

„ Steele, Mr. George William

„ Rivers, Mrs.

8 Dowdall, Mrs. 27l.

9 Ellard, John, solicitor 27l.

„ Ellard, William, esq.

10 Hill, Lieutenant J. A. W. r.n. 27l.

11 Stothard, John Matthew, m.d. 27l.

12 Nixon, Mrs. 28l.

13 Whyte, R. esq. 28l.

14 Dillon, Charles James, esq. 27l.

15 Lodge, Mrs. Margaret, 27l.

16 Gore, Mrs. 28l.

17 Fisher, Colonel William, 28l.

18 Blundell, Mrs. 28l.

19 Hewetson, Major William, 27l.

here Portland-place intersects

20 Ewing, Ths. grocer & prov. deal. 12l.

21 Lyons, James, draper, 14l.

here William-place intersects

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