Sheriff-street, East

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 Reid, John, esq. and Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle, 9l.

„ Martin, Captain

2 Murphy, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7l.

„ Meredith, Captain

3 Bartholomew, Mr. James, 7l.

Beattie, Miss Marianne, Castle Forbes

Byrne, Mr.

Dublin glass bottle manufactory

Emerson, Charles Henry, esq., Castle Forbes

Emerson, Mrs. W. Castle Forbes

Emerson, Wm. esq. Castle Forbes

Evans, Lewis, and Co. mustard manufacturers, and Worcester

Gleeson, Wm. commercial traveller

Pitcher, Henry Charles, esq.

Roach, John, Burton ale stores

Wayland, Robt. esq. Castle Forbes

White, Thomas and William, commission merchants, & Melbourne, Australia

White, Hugh, merchant

White, Thomas G. vinegar maker

White, Wm. J. commission merch.

4 Murray, Mrs. Simon, 7l.

Nelson, James, seedsman

Rogan, Mrs.

5 Asberry, Mr. Thomas

Creighton, Mrs.

Hore, Edwin, master mariner

6 Castles, James, engineer

7 Cosgreave, John, book-keeper

8 Gore, Francis, master mariner

9 Raymond, Mrs. Anne

here Wapping-street intersects

here Fish-street and East Wall intersect.

Dublin Glass Bottle Co.'s manuf. 115l.

10 Connolly, Mrs.

11 and 12 Vacant

47 Quigley, Joseph, provision dealer

3rd Arch, Lower Sheriff-st.

Twenty-five tenements, 2l. 10s. to 14l.

here Church-road & Seville-place intersect.

St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. M. Farrington, p.p.; Rev. Joseph G. Horgan and Rev. Thomas T. O'Donnell, curates

National Female Schools

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