SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From the North-strand to Sheriff-street.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 Blackie and Son, publishers—W. M'Gowan, agent, 25l.

2 Lawless, Mr. George, 25l.

3 Gibbs, John, jun. esq. 23l.

4 and 5 Vacant, 23l., 22l.

6 Woods, Miss Louisa, 23l.

7 Vacant, 24l.

8 Begley, Henry, esq. 26l.

9 Grey, James, esq.

10 Stokes, W. J. esq.

11 Flood, Michael Thomas, 23l.

12 Tully, Lieutenant K. r.n. and Admiralty agent for transports, 23l.

13 Murphy, Mr. Patrick, 23l.

14 Smith, John, esq. 23l.

15 Jackson, Mrs. 23l.

16 Dundass, Wm. locomotive superintendent, 18l.

17 Harrison, James S. esq. 14l.

18 Montgomery, Mr. Frederick, 14l.

19 Williams, Albert, esq. 19l.

here Cobourg-place intersects

20 Vacant, 16l.

21 Blacker, Mrs. Mary, 24l.

22 Eustace, Mrs. Anne, 26l.

23 to 30 Building ground

31 Duffy, Patrick, bottle maker, 12l.

32 Lowe, John, esq. 12l.

33 Coster, Ts. Wm. commer. trav. 12l.

34 O'Connor, John, clothier, 16l.

35 Vacant, 10l.

36 O'Neill, John, esq. 10l.

37 Dunn, Captain Lewis, 10l.

38 Vacant, 15l.

39 Hayes, Mr. John, 15l.

here Oriel-street intersects

40 to 48 Building ground

49 Farrell, Mr. E. P. g.p.o. 14l.

50 Hammond, Mr. Joseph, 15l.

Seville Iron Works, Seville-pl.—Irish Engineering Co. engineers and iron founders and manufacturers of patent metallic and China bedsteads—William Pare, proprietor, and Castle-avenue, Clontarf, 200l.

Pare, J. Clement, agent to the Albert Medical and Family Endowment Life Assurance Society, Seville ironwks.

51 Legg, Mr. Henry

52 to 71 Building ground

72 Beasley, Thomas John, solicitor

73 Wilson, Mrs. E. Frances

here Sheriff-street intersects

St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. M. Farrington, d.d. p.p.; Rev. G. J. Horgan, c.c.; Rev. T. O'Donnell, c.c.

Male Schools

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