SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Sackville-st. Lr. to Marlborough-st.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 Carey, W. tailor & tobacconist, 11l.

2 Clarke, Francis, shellfish tavern, 17l.

3 Byrne, Matthew, comm. hotel, 22l.

O'Neill, Anthony, and John Walsh, Dublin and Wexford mail coach proprietors

Grier, Edward, proprietor of Londonderry night mail

here Nelson-lane intersects

4 Brooks, Maurice, wholesale ironmonger, window glass, paper hangings, oil and colour dealer, agent to Chance, Brothers, and Co. Glass Works, Birmingham, 110l.

here Marlborough-street intersects

5 Toole, John, shoemaker, 7l.

6 Lyons, Thomas, tailor, 8l.

7 Harrison, Richard, plumber and brass founder—res. 4 Wellington-place, Mountjoy-street, 12l.

8 Mulligan, Mrs. Anne, 11l.

9 Foley, Patrick, horse-shoer, 10l.

10 Teasdale, George, coach mak. 12l.

11 Kavanagh, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, 11l.

12 Station House C Division of Police—Thos. Duffy and Wm. Armstrong, inspectors in charge, 20l.

13 Bloomer, James, Union Chapel keeper and sexton

Nation newspaper printing-office

14 Cunningham, John, hotel keeper, 9l.

15 Office of Irish Times newspaper—Laurence Edwd. Knox, proprietor, and 4 and 5 Lower Abbey-street

16 Sackville tavern—Matthew Sinnott, proprietor, 18l.

„ O'Connor, M. and J. billiard rooms

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