Rutland-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Summer-hill to Great Charles-street.

P. St. George.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Henry, William J. solicitor—office, 1 Morgan-place, 18l.

2 Beare, John H. esq. g.p.o. 20l.

3 Faris, James, sol. & 9 Dame-st. 24l.

4 Tute, John, commission agent, and 13 Fownes's-street, 28l.

5 Gregg, Robert, esq. Treasury chambers, 32l.

„ Gregg, Robert J. esq.

6 Wallace, William, clerk, 26l.

7 Elbery, Mrs. 26l.

8 Gilchreest, Philip, esq. 27l.

9 Dwyer, Michael Fras. barrister, 27l.

10 Stubbs, Mrs. 27l.

11 Fletcher, John Martley, solicitor and proctor, 26l.

12 Acheson, Mrs. Francis Maria, 26l.

13 Taaffe, Miss M. 26l.

14 Vacant, 26l.

15 Abraham, Geo. Whitley, ll.d. bar. assist. Census Commissioner, 27l.

here Summer-place intersects

16 North, John, esq. 25l.

17 Fair, Thomas Wilson, esq. 25l.

18 Stone, Mrs. Susan, 25l.

19 O'Reilly, William, esq. 25l.

20 King, Jas. Smith, barrister, 25l.

21 Bouchier, Miss, 25l.

22 Newcombe, Thomas Arth. esq. 22l.

„ Newcome, Miss Frances

23 Johnston, Miss, 23l.

24 Kildahl, Mrs. George, 22l.

„ Kildahl, William S. jun. esq.

25 and 26 Building ground

here Charles-street, Great, intersects

27 Farquharson, Mrs. Mary Anne, 20l.

28 Fitzpatrick, Patrick, barrister, and Cahir, Peterswell, Loughrea, 20l.

„ Fitzpatrick, Christpr. J. esq. secretary's office, g.p.o.

29 Vacant, 35l.

30 McFarland, Mrs. 27l.

31 Walker, Miss E. 27l.

„ Thompson, Miss Eliza

32 Workman, Mrs. 28l.

33 Nevill, Miss Mary Anne, 28l.

34 Monks, Daniel, esq. 28l.

35 Hickson, William, barrister, 30l.

here Summer-street, North, intersects

36 Teeling, John Francis, solicitor, 26l.

37 Jordan, Edmd. bar. law and crown prosecutor for the co.of Galway, 26l.

38 O'Mahony, Edmd. Wm. barrist. 26l.

here Rutland-place intersects

39 Vacant, 26l.

40 Fetherston H., Godfrey, jun. land agent—and 24 Up. Merrion-st. 26l.

41 Carew, Nicholas G. esq. 26l.

42 Ronayne, Wm. Sherrard, secretary to the Trinitarian Bible Soc. 26l.

43 Kelly, Miss, 26l.

„ Kelly, Alfred Betham, solicitor, and Castlegar, Claremorris, and Castlebar, Mayo

44 Shekleton, Miss, 26l.

45 Davis, Neal, solicitor, clerk of peace for co. Mayo, 26l.

„ Palmer, Mrs. L.

46 Craddock, James, esq. 26l.

47 O'Callaghan, Michael, solicitor, a.b. ex sch. t.c.d. 26l.

48 Welland, Mrs. 32l.

„ Welland, Wm. J. architect to Ecclesiastical Commissrs. for Ireland—office, 24 Upper Merrion-street

49 Parker, John, esq. 32l.

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