Rutland-square, West

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Granby-row to Great Britain-st.

P. St. Mary.—Rotunda W.—City.

29 Boyd, Alexander, esq. 65l.

„ Boyd, Walter, jun. barrister

30 House of Dominican Friary, Lower Dominick-st.—Very Rev. Eustace L. Murphy, prior; Very Rev. B. T. Russell, d.d.; Rev. Wm. O'Carroll, Rev. James J. Brady, Rev. John Thomas Towers, Rev. Laurence Cremin, Rev. J. J. Gormley, 70l.

31 Smith, Edward John, a.m. sol. and sol. to Grand Jury, co. Meath, 70l.

„ Smith, Edward John, jun. sol.

32 Pigot, David R. barrister, 60l.

33 Sidney, Wm. James, barrister, 75l.

34 O'Hagan, Right Hon. Thomas, q.c. Attorney-General, Commissioner of Charities, and Commissioner of National Education, 105l.

35 Lynch, Honorable David, Judge of the Bankrupt Court, 95l.

36 Cornwall, John, land agent, and Brownstown house, Navan, 95l.

„ Cornwall, John L. jun. land agent, and Castlepark, Slane

„ Cornwall, Robert A. land agent, & Rathmore, Naas

37 O'Donnell, Michael, esq. 83l.

38 Vacant, 88l.

39 Warren, Robert, and Sons, solicitors, and Killiney castle, Dalkey, 100l.

40 Warren, Graves S. solicitor, and Killiney castle, Dalkey, 100l.

„ Warren, Robert, jun. j.p. barrister, and Killiney castle, Dalkey

41 Macdonogh, Francis, q.c. m.p. 105l.

42 Perrin, Right Hon. Louis, and Knockdromin, Rush, 95l.

„ Perrin, Mark, barrister

43 Thunder, John, solicitor, 85l.

44 Burdett, Mrs. 85l.

„ Burdett, John H. barrister

45 Barrington, Charles, esq. 88l.

46 Wright, Joseph Wm. sol. & proctor of supreme court, N. S. Wales, 54l.

„ Wright, Sydney W. S. solicitor

47 Wybrants, Robert, esq. 75l.

48 Macrory, Adam J. sol. & Belfast, 45l.

„ Macrory, Boyd, & Macrory, solicitors to the Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway Co. the British and Irish Submarine Telegraph Cos. and to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

„ Macrory, Robert J. T. a.m. solicitor, and No. 52

„ Boyd, Alex. a.b. t.c.d. solicitor, and No. 29

„ Macrory, Robt. Augustus, a.b. t.c.d. and Belfast.

49 Stoker, Edward, surgeon, 42l.

50 Wybrants, Miss, 48l.

51 Kent, Wm. Todderick, a.m. sol. 46l.

52 Macrory, Robt. J. T. a.m. solicitor, of the firm of Macrory, Boyd, & Macrory, & at 48 Rutland-sq. 50l.

53 Pilkington, George, solicitor, cleric of the crown, Queen's co.—res. Albany, Ballybrack, 50l.

54 Cryan, Rob. l.k. & q. Col. of Physicians, l.r.c.s.i. prof. of anat. and physiology to the Catholic University, physician to the North Dublin dispensary, 46l.

55 Nugent, John, m.d. 48l.

56 Falk, Henry, esq. 44l.

57 Kidd, Jno. account, and auditor, and agt. to the Royal Insurance Co. 50l.

58 M'Clintock, Alex. E. sol. chief serjeant-at-arms for Ireland—res. 1 Fitzgibbon-street, 44l.

„ Tighe, Robert H. M. esq. and the Deanery house, Derry

59 M'Connell, Joseph, ironmonger, 45l.

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