SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Creighton-street to Britain-quay.

P. St. Mark.—South Dock W.—City.

1 Nowlan John, biscuit baker, and army and navy contractor

2 Walsh, Henry Thomas and Co. commission merchants, 70l.

„ Walsh, John, Loyds' agent, and 3 Westmoreland-street

„ Johnston, R. M. & Co. machine bread & biscuit bakers, & Ball's-bridge

3 Hurcum, Charles, dealer in marine stores, 11l.

4 Oullahan, William, ship pump, spar and block maker, 16l.

5 Merritt, W. J. grocer & spt. dlr. 27l.

6 Keogh, John, vintner, 20l.

7 Wall, Patrick, ship smith, 27l.

8 Fagan, Thomas, grocer, 20l.

„ Devlin, Michael, provision dealer

9 Morton, J. & R. corn merchants, and 4, 5, and 6, Cardiff's-lane, office 12 and 13 Burgh-quay, 58l.

10 Holmes, George, and Co. Roman cement manufacturers, agents to the Clyde Bottle Co. Glasgow, 27l.

11 Tyndall, Thos. block & pump mk. 20l.

here Windmill-lane intersects

12 and 13 Kelly, Hugh, timber and slate merchant, building contractor, Liffey saw mills, 36l.

14 and 15 Crosby, Thomas, and Son, hemp merchants, sail lofts, rope stores, patent rope and sail cloth manufac. and Ringsend, each 22l.

16 O'Meara, John B. grocer, coal factor, and ship agent, 18l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office

17 Todhunter, Thomas H. & Co. timber merchants and corn factors, office, No. 19, 40l.

18 Tenements, 26l.

19 Todhunter, Thos. H. & Co. timber, corn, and slate merchants, 45l.

here Lime-street intersects

20 Kelly, Anne, provision dealer, 19l.

21 Tenements, 16l.

22 Kean, Jane, oyster factor, 16l.

23 Kennedy, Thos. spirit dealer, 18l.

24 M'Kenna, Mrs. dairy, 16l.

25 Vacant, 17l.

26 Flannagan, Mr. Charles, 15l.

27 Carson, Wm. & Son, ship owners, commission agents, insurance brokers, and general merchants, 45l.

„ Carson, Joseph Fenton, merchant

„ Bell, George, ship agent

28 Young, David, patent rope manufacturers, & Russian merch. 50l.

Hibernian Marine School—chaplain, Rev. W. Faussett; master, Thos. Stephen Browne

The Sailor's Home—Rich. Marshall, secretary

Dublin Mariners' Institute—Rev. Andrew Campbell, president

29 & 30 Corcoran, James, and Son, corn merchants, 100l.

31 and 32 Doherty, Charles, housesmith and ship warehouse, 23l.

„ Porter, Mr. Samuel

33 Kelly, William, and Co. wholesale timber and slate merchant—res. 6 Muckross-ter. Bushfield-av. 38l.

34 Tenements, 20l.

35 Scallan, Michael, grocer and ship builder, 22l.

36 Doherty, Charles, ship smith, 22l.

here Cardiff's-lane intersects

37 & 38 Connolly, Chas. corn, iron, & hemp merchant—res. 27 Wellington-road, 32l.

39 Tenements, 18l.

41 to 44, Alliance Gas Co.'s Works—Daniel Lawlor, manager & engr. office, 114 Grafton-st. 297l.

„ Lawlor, John, gas inspector

45 Tenements, 22l.

46 Egan, Cornel. & Co. seed and corn stores, & 27 Bachelor's-walk, 20l.

47 Magan, William, corn merchant, 20l.

48 and 49 Tenements, 52l. 14l.

50 M'Kidd, Mrs. M. A. vintner, 28l.

here Forbes-street intersects

51 to 63 Building ground

64 Pim, James, and Co. stores, 90l.

65 Tobin, M. vintner, 12l.

66 to 69 Tenements, 12l. to 18l.

70 Carroll, Thomas Henry, builder, stone, slate, and tile yard, and 17 Lower Baggot- street, 65l.

71 Duigan, Peter, contractor, 22l.

72 Tenements, 16l.

73 Kurtz, Charles, manufacturing chemist, 36l.

74 Mooney, Morgan, chemical works—res. 21 Eglinton-ter. Seville-pl. 40l.

75 Tidewaiters' Station

„ Martin, John, and Sons, timber stores, 8 North-wall

„ MacDonnell, Randal & Co. wholesale timber merchants—res. 11 Lansdown-road

Queen's Timber Yard, south side

here Benson-street intersects

Kinsella, John, Corporation depot

Paul and Vincent, lime works

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