Richmond-street, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Harcourt-road to Charlemont-mall.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Byrne, P. corn & flour stores, 22l.

2 Savage, A.& E. straw bonnet mak.18l.

3 Byrne, Mr. Thomas, 15l.

4 Austin, Mr. James, 22l.

5 Norman, Mr. Denis, 12l.

6 M'Gauran, John, carpenter, 12l.

7 General Orphan Home—Hon. Mary Scott, honorary secretary

8 Pepper, Christr. tobacconist, 18l.

9 O'Toole, James, dentist, 17l.

10 Cannon, Mrs. 17l.

11 and 12 O'Neill, J. spirit dlr. 18l., 17l.

13 Staples, Daniel, house painter, 18l.

14 Tenements, 16l.

15 Stephens, John, coal merchant, 22l.

16 M'Clean, William, esq. 19l.

17 Murphy, Mrs. stay maker, 18l.

18 Walsh, Richd. prov. dealer, 14l.

19 Ryan, Peter, and Co. grocers, 20l.

here Gordon's-place intersects

20 Roberts, S. & W. boot & shoem. 33l.

21 Bourke, Patrick, builder and commercial agent, 12l.

22 O'Reilly, Edward, builder, 28l.

„ Morris, John, stationer

23 Fayle, Mrs. grocer, 30l.

24 Lawler, Paul, provision dealer, 30l.

25 Tynan, A. C. Portobello dairy, 30l.

26 Rowan, Lawr. house painter, 30l.

27 Sherlock , J. J. boot & shoe warehouse, 30l.

here Richmond-place intersects

28 Hamilton, William, boot and shoe warehouse, 28l.

29 Furlong, Walter, grocer and spirit dealer, 30l.

30 Cluff, M. A. confectioner 30l.

31 Pekin, William, victualler, 30l.

32 Keogh, D. provision dealer, 30l.

33 Grand Canal tav.—Patrick Lawlor, grocer, proprietor, 55l.

St. Mary's Catholic Female Asylum for Industrious Blind.

here Charlemont-mall and Portobello intersect.

34 Depot for the work of Catholic Blind Institution, Portobello

35 Moran, Patrick, fruiterer, 9l.

38 to 40 Bolton, Samuel H. carpenter and builder, 50l.

41 Bolton, Mr. R. W.

42 & 43 Sweny, John P. job carriage, furniture van, coal factor, and funeral establishment, house and land agent, 18l.

44 Langan, Jas. dyer & scourer, 27l.

45 & 46 Henderson, James, and Son, builders, &c. sawmills, Milltn., 8l.

here Lennox-street intersects

47 to 51 Moyers, George, a.b. architect and builder, and 5 Synge-street—res. 3 Harcourt-street, 45l.

52 Leet, Rev. A. Wellesley, 45l.

53 Parker, William, merchant, and 37 Back-lane, 45l.

54 Brien, Charles, esq. 44l.

55 Figgis, Mrs. 44l.

56 Patton, J. V. esq. 44l.

57 Roe, William, esq. 44l.

„ Roe, Thomas J. F. solicitor

58 Russell, Henry, bookseller, 43l.

59 Newland, Rbt. surgeon and apothecary, 44l.

60 Evans, John, m.d. 40l.

61 Pidgeon, Mr. Stephen, 36l.

here Harrington-street intersects

62 Keegan, Mr. Francis, 22l.

63 Nugent, Mary, straw bonnet mak. 22l.

64 Doyle, Joseph, book-binder and stationer, 8l.

65 Tenements, 10l.

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