SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Margaret-lane to Summer-hill.

P. St. George.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Elliott, William A. surgeon to the Whitworth Hospital, 75l.

2 Majoribanks, Phil. J. a.m. t.c.d. 27l.

3 Jackson, Mrs. Eliza, 27l.

4 Hyde, Mrs. 27l.

5 Parkinson, Thos. Henry, solicitor,—offices, 28 College-green, 27l.

6 Hutchinson, Mrs. 100l.

7 to 10 Building ground

11 Hamilton, James, esq. 32l.

12 Hamilton, James P. barrister, 34l.

13 M'Blain, James, wine merchant—office, 17 & 18 Lr. Abbey-st. 34l.

14 M'Loughlin, Michael, m.d. 21l.

here Richmond-street, North, intersects

15 White, Anthony, esq. 23l.

16 Browne, James, solicitor, clerk of the Crown, co. Mayo, 26l.

„ O'Brien, James, solicitor

„ Murray, Edward, solicitor, and Letterkenny

„ Barron, Edward J. solicitor

„ Barron, Joseph K. solicitor

17 Beasley, Miss, 26l.

18 Burrowes, Mrs. Catherine, 23l.

19 Vacant, 22l.

20 Fletcher, Miss Mary, 24l.

21 Nelson, Mrs. Ellen, 23l.

22 Speer, Miss, 23l.

here Summerhill-parade intersects

23 Seymour, Mrs. 24l.

24 Barrett, Joseph, esq. 23l.

25 Watson, Mr. William, g.p.o. 23l.

26 to 29 Building ground

30 Strachan, Colonel, 16l.

31 Vacant, 16l.

32 Milne, Wm. Education Office, 14l.

33 Vacant, 15l.

34 Latchford, Mrs. 12l.

here Rutland-lane intersects

35 Connolly, Robert, provision dlr. 13l.

here Summer-street, North, intersects

36 Vacant, 10l.

37 Murray, Mrs. Mary, 18l.

38 Atkinson, George, esq. 18l.

39 Wade, Mrs. 18l.

40 Maddock, William, esq. 18l.

41 Low, Mrs. Caroline, 21l.

42 Munkittrick, Mrs. Alex. 25l.

43 M'Grath, Marcus A. esq. 26l.

44 O'Shaughnessy, Mrs. 27l.

„ Butler, Walter, commission agent

45 Walsh, J. esq. 27l.

here Great Charles-street intersects

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