SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Arran-quay to King's-street, N.

P. St. Paul.—Arran-quay W.—City.

1 & 2 Sheridan, Michael, victualler, 14l., 22l.

3 Nolan, Patrick, grocer, and wine merchant, 26l.

4 Donnelly, John, chandler, 27l.

5 M'Donnell, Michl. grocer and wine merchant, 27l.

6 Woods, John, chandler, 30l.

7 Keogh, Thomas, commercial, agricultural, and family hotel, 69l.

here Bridewell-lane intersects

8 O'Farrell, P. & Sons, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 30l.

9 Shanahan, Terence, apoth. surgeon and accoucheur, 21l.

10 Fay, James, provision dealer, 18l.

11 Magee, James, baker, 23l.

12 Shannon, Eliza, draper, 25l.

13 M'Lougblin, Wm. wholesale grocer and spirit dealer, 28l.

14 Donohoe, M. gro. & spirit dealer, 31l.

here Haymarket intersects

15 Freeman, David, builder, & 71, 22l.

„ Mulgrave. Mr. Joseph J.

16 Stores of Thomas Brangan, 37l.

17 Ledwidge, Mr. Gregory, 22l.

18 Community of Church-street R. C. Church—Very Rev. Father Laurence, prior; Rev. D. P. O'Reilly, r.c.c.; Rev. D. T. Ashe, r.c.c.; Rev. J. B. Buckley, r.c.c.; Rev. M. O. Muldoon, r.c.c.; Rev. Father Medard; Rev. Father Seraphin; Rev. Father John May; Brother Laurence, 24l.

19 Gunning, Jas. commercial agt. 23l.

20 Ganly, John, house painter, 22l.

21 Tuohill, Jeremiah, hide, skin, and feather merchant, 18l.

22 Collier, Wm. Henry, esq. 19l.

23 M'Nally, Mrs. lodging house, 21l.

24 Ward, Lawrence, accountant, 18l.

25 Brawders, Mr. William, 20l.

„ Brawders, Mrs. milliner & dressmkr.

26 & 27 St. Paul's National Free Schools—Mr. Edwd. Watson, master of male school; Miss Morris, mistress of female school, 18l.

28 to 31 Tenements, 13l. to 21l.

32 Croker, Daniel, brass founder and gasfitter 14l.

„ Croker, Miss, milliner & cloak mkr.

33 Gavan, John, commis. agent, corn, hay, & potato factor, general agricultural seedsman, office, & stores—wareho, No. 44; stores, Broadstone, M.G.W.R.

34 and 35 Moore, Wm. feather, skin, and rag merchant, 30l.

36 & 37 Duffy, Mangan, & Butler, sales-masters—yard, rere of Smithfield

38 to 40 Tenements, 13l., 18l.

here Thundercut-alley intersects

41 Bury & Co. hide, skin, feather, and quill merchants, 36l.

42 O'Driscoll, Ptk. linen draper, 15l.

43 Tenements, 6l.

44 Gavan, Jn. com. agt. &c. wareho. 13l.

45 Hendrick, Charles, grocer, 18l.

here King-street, north, intersects

46 Vacant, 30l.

47 and 48 Tenements, 14l., 16l.

49 O'Connor, Patrick C. E. corn, hay, and potato factor, 32l.

50 Miot, Mr. John, mercantile clk. 18l.

„ Baker, J. J. esq.

51 Prender, Mr. Luke, 16l.

52 and 53 Tenements, 16l., 14l.

54 Fleming, Mr. Daniel, 14l.

55 and 56 Millner, Robert, wool merchant, & 7 Blackhall-parade, 40l., 45l.

57 Tenements, 25l.

58 M'Cann, Francis, and vegetable market, May-lane, 14l.

59 Tenements, 11l.

60 Vacant, 14l.

61 Tenements, 15l.

62 Macken, John, butter inspector, 15l.

„ Macken, Joseph, butter factor

63 Lawless, Mr. James, 13l.

„ Lawless, The Misses, milliners and dressmakers

64 Mangan, Miss, dressmaker, 13l.

here Blackhall-street intersects

65 North City Dispensary, 22l.

66 M'Donough, Mrs. 20l.

67 Tenements, 22l.

68 Brangan, Thomas, salesmaster and wool factor, & 54 Srnithfield—res. Moreen, Dundrum, 22l.

69 Yore, Very Rev. Wm. d.d.v.g. 22l.

70 Kenny, Michael, engineer, 21l.

71 Freeman, David, builder, and 1 Hendrick-street, 42l.

here Hendrick-street intersects

72 Clarke, A. china & delft wareho. 25l.

73 Taylor, Thomas, plumber & brass founder, 21l.

74 Ryan, Richard, chain maker, 20l.

75 & 76 Brennan, P. linendraper, 44l.

77 Tenements, 15l.

78 Atkinson, Michael, victualler, 10l.

here Tighe-street intersects

79 & 7 Keogh, Thos. wholesale grocer, spirit dealer, and wine merchant, and 10 Molesworth-street, 42l.

80 and 81 Delahoyd, Robt. wholesale and retail druggist, 50l.

82 Cogan, John, provision stores, 27l.

83 Aerated Bread Company, 27l.

84 Checketts and M'Fadden, chemists and druggists, 27l.

85 Deering, John, confectioner, 26l.

86 Clinton, Mrs. vintner, 29l.

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