Queen's-square, East

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Off Brunswick-street, Great.

P. St. Mark.—South Dock W.—City.

43 Woodlock, Mr. Martin, 18l.

44 King, Thomas Clarke, esq. 18l.

45 Tenements, 18l.

46 Beveridge, James, esq. 18l.

47 Gill, William, saddler, 18l.

48 Heatley, Mrs. Eliza, 18l.

49 Rogers, James, prof. of music, 18l.

50 Hulbert, Mr. John J. 18l.

51 Redmond, James, esq. 18l.

52 Grundy, Mrs. Margaret, 18l.

53 Glynn, Mrs. Catherine, 18l.

54 M'Carthy, Mr. John, 16l.

55 Smith, David, confectioner, 16l.

56 Vacant, 16l.

57 Plunkett, Mrs. Maryanne, 20l.

58 Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Sarah

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