Portland-street, West

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Rainsford-street to Grand Canal-pl.

P. St. Catherine.—Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 to 8 Guinness, Arthur, Sons and Co's. stores

here Corn-hill intersects

9 and 10 Tyrrell, James, Widow, and Sons, corn factors & boat owners and Grand Canal, 35l.

11 & 12 Hepburn, David, merch. 27l.

13 Hepburn, Edmond Thomas, commission merchant, corn and flour factor

14 Tenements, 9l.

15 Plunket, John, maltster, 38l.

16 Vacant, 20l.

17 Tenements, 9l.

here Grand Canal-place intersects

18 Dunn, Daniel, turf stores, 5l.

19 Dunn, Daniel, boat owner, 2l. 10s.

20 and 21 Tenements, each 2l. 10s.

here Portland-row, West, intersects

22 Tenements, 12l.

23 and 24 Stables and yards

25 Gorman, James, clerk

26 Vacant

27 and 28 Stables and yards

here Robert-street and O'Brien's-row intersect.

29 to 32 Yards, 2l. to 5l.

here Portland-street, west, intersects

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