SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bride-street to Whitefriar-street.

P. St. Bride.—1 to 19 Mansion-house W. 20 to 34 Wood-quay W.—City.

1 Osborne, Mr. Joseph J. F. 15l.

2 and 3 Kernan, Michael, mineral water manufacturer, 32l.

„ Kernan and Co. mineral water manufacturer

4 Dempsey, John, builder and timber yard, 15l.

5 King, Thos. portmanteau mkr. 18l.

6 Tenements, 12l.

7 Powel, Miss S. 12l.

8 Robinson, Thomas, carpenter, 20l.

„ Keatinge, John, silversmith

9 Tenements, 22l.

10 Lyons, Jas. profes. of dancing, 22l.

11 Moan, P. academy, 30l.

12 Thompson, Mr. Michael, 24l.

13 Dignan, Ruth, and Fay, silk mercers, woollen & linen drapers, 20l.

14 Read, Mr. John, 23l.

15 Murphy, John, agent, 20l.

16 Coulton, Henry J. m.d. m.r.c.s. 30l.

17 Plunket, George, esq. 20l.

18 & 19 Carey, Michl. vintner, Eglinton hotel and tavern, 20l., 24l.

here Peter's-row & Whitefriar-st. intersect.

20 Tinkler, William, house smith, 30l.

21 Tinkler, John, smith & bell han. 36l.

„ Dunne, John, solicitor

22 M'Glinn, Charles, clerk, 25l.

23 Moore, Mr. Archibald, 32l.

„ Martin, J. veterinary surgeon, and Willow lodge, Kimmage

24 to 27 Adelaide Hospital—Mrs. Ruttie, matron

28 & 29 School of Medicine and Surgery—P. J. Kenny, resident physician and house surgeon; M. J. Burke, resident pupil; Miss E. Johnston, matron

30 Burrowes, Mrs. nursetender, 18l.

31 Dawson, Nicholas, accountant, 20l.

32 Geary, Thomas, solicitor, 20l.

33 Tighe, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19l.

34 Molyneux Asylum for Blind Females—Rev. Chas. M. Fleury, chaplain; Mrs. Duke, matron

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