SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Northumberland-rd. to Victoria-pl.

P. St. Peter.—City.

Beyond Municipal boundary.

1 Boake, Barcroft, commer. agt. 36l.

2 Battley, C. B. esq. 34l.

3 Preston, John, esq. 34l.

4 Wolseley, Richard John, c.e. 42l.

5 Gore, Nathaniel, esq. 42l.

6 Brady, Thos. Francis, esq. Government Inspector of Fisheries, 36l.

7 Neville, Mrs. Richard, 36l.

8 Cathrew, Robert, esq. a.b. 38l.

„ Cathrew, Mrs.

„ Cathrew, Henry, esq.

9 Nesbitt, Allan, solicitor, 40l.

10 Ormston, Miss, 30l.

11 Roberts, Wm. Bank of Ireland, 30l.

„ Roberts, Mrs. J. A. governess agency, and 1 Grafton-street

12 O'Hanlon, John David, bar. 30l.

13 Perrin, Edwards, commiss. mer. 30l.

14 Doyle, Thomas, esq. 29l.

15 Vacant, 29l.

16 Romans, Wm. civil engineer, 39l.

17 Garraway, Mrs. Colonel, 29l.

„ Garraway, Chas. S. Capt. Militia

18 Nalty, Samuel, land agent, 30l.

19 Nicholson, Mrs. Hatfield, 30l.

„ Nicholson, Albert, esq. register of deeds office

20 Webb, Mr. Arthur, 30l.

21 Evans, Mrs. Isabella, 30l.

22 Burgoyne, Lady Charlotte, 32l.

23 Jesson, of music, organist, of Carysfort church, Blackrock, 30l.

24 Fitzgerald, Mrs. 30l.

25 Meredyth, Sir Edward Newenham, bart. 30l.

26 Gregory, Jacob, builder, 27l.

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