Pembroke-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Fitzwilliam-square to Leeson-street.

P. St. Peter.—1 to 16 Fitzwilliam W. 17 to 32 Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Murray, Pat. Joseph, barrister, 36l.

2 Bellett, John G. barrister, 35l.

3 Clarke, Jonathan, a.b. solicitor, 60l.

4 Jager, Mrs. 60l.

5 Twamley, Thomas, esq. 60l.

6 Noble, Miss, 60l.

7 Tombe, Mrs. 60l.

8 Leslie, Henry James, barrister, 60l.

9 Hamilton, Mrs. Robert, 70l.

„ Hamilton, Chetwood, solicitor

10 Stopford, Mrs. Anna M. 36l.

11 Vacant, 36l.

12 Fouracre, Miss, visiting teacher, 36l.

13 Benson, Francis, jun. esq. 36l.

14 Mullins, James, esq. 35l.

15 Kyle, Mrs. 35l.

16 Collins, John S. barrister, 30l.

„ Kift, James A. barrister, secretary to the Master of the Rolls

here Leeson-street intersects

17 Twamley, James, esq. 32l.

18 Trant, Leonard, surg. f.r.c.s.i. 38l.

19 Cooper, Wm. Cope, esq. j.p. 38l.

20 Tandy, Chas. Henry, barrister, 53l.

21 Archer, William, esq. 58l.

„ Archer, Holt Waring, esq. a.m.

22 Jenkins, William, q.c. ll.d. 56l.

23 Rooke, Henry, a.m. solicitor, 64l.

„ Rooke, Bartholomew Warburton, a.b. solicitor

„ Rooke, Henry, and Son, solicitors

24 and 25 Building ground

26 Brady, Right Hon. Maziere, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, and Hazlebrook, Roundtown, 120l.

27 Adair, Samuel F. sol.—office, 25 Clare-st. & New Court, Bray, 80l.

here Quinn's-lane intersects

28 O'Farrell, Michl. Richard, bar. 60l.

29 Nun, Richard, q.c. chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Tyrone, and Urney, Killiney, 66l.

30 Kane, Mrs. 70l.

31 Lees, Wm. esq. secretary to the Ballast Board, 68l.

32 Jellett, Hewit Poole, barrister, 70l.

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