Pembroke-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Baggot-street to Fitzwilliam-square.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Weldon, John, Italian wareho. 25l.

2 Bradford, John, builder, 38l.

„ Ronan, Kyran, carp. and builder

3 Rorke, Mr. John, 40l.

4 Holland, Mr. Johnston, 38l.

5 Vacant, 32l.

6 & 7 Jones, Thos. and Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, auctioneers, and undertakers, 54l.

8 Clarke, Mrs. 25l.

9 Doyle, Laurence, coal factor, 28l.

„ Murphy, Patrick M. q.c. chairman of Quarter Sessions, county Cavan

„ Rogers, Mrs. dressmaker

„ Brady, James, coach proprietor

10 Bolger, Patrick, grocer and spirit warehouse, 38l.

11 M'Donnell, Robt. m.d. surgeon, 32l.

12 Kean, Mrs. 32l.

13 Cannon, Mrs. 32l.

14 Brereton, William Westropp, q.c. & chairman of quarter sessions, co. Galway, 70l.

15 Owen, Robert H. barrister, 62l.

16, 17, and 18 Grant and Lennon, carpenters and builders, 50l.

here Fitzwilliam-square intersects

19 Anthony, Mrs. 36l.

20 Eisner, Wm. prof. of music, 35l.

„ Gibson, Edward, barrister

21 Moore, William, m.d. physician to Mercer's Hospital, and to the Hospital for diseases of children, Pitt-street, 40l.

22 Langstaff, Mrs. Peerson, 42l.

23 Carmichael, Hugh, surgeon, 40l.

24 Moore, Christr. r.h.a. sculptor, 40l.

25 & 26 Building ground & offices

here Pembroke-lane intersects

27 Warren, Henry, esq. secretary to the Scripture-readers' Society for Ireland, and 1 Eglinton terrace, Wellington road, 38l.

„ Dougal, S. D. civil engineer

28 Brannan, Bridget, milliner, 34l.

„ Brannan, Mr. Matthew

29 Lee, Thomas, provision dealer, 18l.

30 Plunkett, Joseph, house painter and paper stainer, 34l.

31 Prendergast, James, grocer, tea, and wine merchant, 30l.

32 Vacant, 34l.

Livery stables—Michael Cashman, proprietor

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