SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Baggot-street, Upper, to Northumberland-road.

P. St. Peter.—City.

Beyond Municipal boundary.

A Pillar Letter-box at the junction of Northumberland-road.

1 White, Mrs. 57l.

2 Harvie, William, esq. 60l.

3 Wilson, James, esq. 57l.

4 Esmonde, Mrs. 57l.

„ Esmonde, Captain John, m.p.

5 Smyth, Mrs. William 57l.

6 Browne, G. E. esq. and Brownestown, county Mayo, 57l.

7 Cross, Maurice, esq. Secretary Board of National Education, 57l.

8 Holland, Mrs. 57l.

9 Drummond, John, esq. and Enniskillen, 57l.

10 Hughes, Mrs. Elizabeth, 66l.

11 Greene, Francis, esq. 66l.

12 Nagle, James, esq. master of crown office, Queen's coroner, and attorney and clerk of the crown, 66l.

13 Eagle, Rev. George E. 59l.

14 Price, Mrs. 57l.

15 Browne, Joseph, esq. j.p. for Co. Meath, 57l.

16 Davis, James, esq. chief clerk in Accountant-General's office in Chancery, 57l.

17 Hagan, Sir Robt. knt. capt. r.n. 57l.

18 Murray, William, esq. 62l.

19 Oldham, Thomas, director of the Geological Survey of India, 62l.

„ Oldham, the Misses

20 Nugent, Rev. Edmond, 64l.

21 Bewley, Joshua, esq. 64l.

22 Finlayson, Rev. Henry, 66l.

23 O'Gorman, Richard, esq. 66l.

24 Lendrick, Jas. W. J. q.c. chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Wicklow, 59l.

25 Furnell, Michael, barrister, d.l. provincial grand master of North Munster, and Cahirelly Castle, co. Limerick, 58l.

26 Keogh, Michael, esq. 58l.

27 Bryan, Loftus A. esq. and Upton House, Kilmuckridge, county Wexford, 66l.

28 George, Mrs. Richard, 66l.

29 Hagerty, Elizabeth, nursery, 18l.

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