SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Waterloo-road, Baggot-st. Upper, to Northumberland-road.

P. St. Peter.

Beyond Municipal boundary.

1 Sparks, Colonel, j.p. c.b. inspecting field officer, 46l.

2 Quinn, Miss, 46l.

3 O'Shaughnessy, Francis, esq. and co. Galway, 46l.

4 Taylor, Mrs. 46l.

5 Barry, Charles, esq. 46l.

6 Wilson, Deane, esq. 46l.

7 Lyle, James A. esq. and The Oaks, Derry, 86l.

8 Stephens, Henry, solicitor—office, 72 Aungier street, 76l.

9 FitzGibbon, William, esq. 86l.

10 Hoyte, George, esq. j.p. 65l.

11 Crawford, Matthew, esq. 63l.

12 Bergin, T. E. esq. 63l.

13 Journeaux, James A. esq. 63l.

14 Roe, Mrs. 56l.

15 Netterville, Lady Elizabeth, 56l.

16 Eldred, Edgar, esq. collector of inland revenue, 59l.

17 Edwards, Hen. St. George, c.e. 53l.

18 Mahon, Major Thomas, 59l.

here Wellington-road intersects

19 Quinan, Edward Johnstone, doctor of medicine, & fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, 62l.

20 Thompson, Mrs. 53l.

21 Cosby, J. H. W. barrister, 53l.

22 Manly, Joseph, jun. esq. and 46 Dame-street, 59l.

23 Dubedat, John, stockbroker—office, 40 Fleet-street, 66l.

24 Garde, Hen. Prendergast, bar. 66l.

25 Smythe, Henry, esq. 100l.

26 O'Connell, Morgan, esq. 100l.

27 Maffett, Wm. esq. land agent, and 24 Frederick-street, south, 100l.

28 Fry, Mrs.

29 Hoey, Captain George, 100l.

30 Dawson, Yelverton, esq. 100l.

Pembroke House—P. Walter Redmond. esq. d.l. co.of Wexford, 110l.

here Pembroke-terrace intersects

38 Edie, Alexander, esq. d.c.l.

39 Coffey, John William, esq. 80l.

40 Lyons, John C. esq. 68l.

41 Smyth, Geo. esq. & 11 College-gn. 75l.

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