SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Blackhall-row to Dean-street.

P. St. Nicholas Without, 1 to 49 and 59½ to 83. P. St. Patrick, 50 to 59.—Wood-quay W.—City.

1 Neary, Den. grocer & spirit dl. 28l.

2 Dowdall, Nich. tallow chandler, 30l.

3 Bryan, Thos. tinplate worker, 16l.

4 Keogh, John, victualler, 15l.

5 Cleary, Wm. provision dealer, 16l.

6 M'Evoy, C. provision dealer, 17l.

7 Kenny, Michael, victualler, 18l.

8 Kenny, Peter, victualler, 15l.

9 Summers, John, and Co. provision dealers, 25l.

10 Peakin, Thomas, victualler, 24l.

11 Keating, John, victualler, 14l.

12 and 13 O'Connor, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 13l., 18l.

„ Connor, Maurice, and lime works, Upper Kimmage

here Plunket-street intersects

14 Brophy, Mrs. prov. dealer, 14l.

15 Molloy, James, dairy, 10l.

16 Geraty, Edward, provision deal. 18l.

17 Hanlon, Thomas, victualler, 25l.

18 Greally, Mary Anne, prov. dlr. 18l.

19 Gibney, Robert, baker, 45l.

here Hanover-lane intersects

20 O'Neill, Patrick, coal factor, 12l.

21 Tunny, James, grocer and spirit dealer, and Rathfarnham 21l.

22 Kavanagh, Luke, grocer & spirit merchant, 16l.

23 Keogh, Michael, prov. dealer, 19l.

24 Kavanagh, Brien, dairy, 18l.

25 M'Caull, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 18l.

26 Byrne, Thomas, provision deal. 14l.

27 Doyle, Thos. grocer & prov. stores, 16l.

28 Rogers, Patrick, tobacconist, 20l.

29 Reynolds, Edward, tallow chandler and soap boiler, 28l.

here Limerick-alley intersects

30 Tyndal, John, size, hair, and neats' foot oil manufacturer, 30l.

31 O'Neill, Michael, turner, 10l.

32 Connell, James, dairy, 10l.

33 Tenements, 14l.

34 Corrigan, Peter, broker, 9l.

35 Walsh, John, potato factor, 9l.

36 M'Gowan, Frs. gro. & spir. deal. 20l.

37 Carthy, Stephen, baker, and 70 Francis-street, 32l.

38 Tenements, 8l.

39 Lynch, John, tinplate worker, 10l.

40 Keeffe, James, clothes broker, 10l.

41 Molloney, Anthony, bricklayer, 11l.

42 Carroll, John M. size & glue manuf. washed & plastering hairs, 20l.

43 Carey, John, tinplate manufac. 11l.

44 Doyle, Eliza, broker, 11l.

45 Brady, Elizabeth, wholesale and retail bacon stores, 12l.

46 Greene, Mary, broker, 11l.

47 Cooper, J. provision dealer, 14l.

here Winter's-court intersects

48 O'Brien, M. and T. grocers and spirit dealers, 20l.

48½ Swallow, John, china and earthen warehouse, 18l.

49 Rinn, Francis, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 20l.

here Dean-street intersects

50 Brown, Wm. wine & spirit dlr. 30l.

51 O'Brien, Jas. provision dealer, 25l.

52 Higinbotham, William, tallow chandler, & 73 Meath-street, 25l.

53 Sinnott, Thomas, iron and steel merchant, 28l.

53½ Deanery Infant School—Mr. Polden, master; Mrs. Polden, mistress; Miss Beatty and Miss R. Beatty, assistant teachers

here Patrick's-close, South, intersects

St. Patrick's Cathedral, grand entrance

here Patrick's-close, North, intersects

54 Byrne, Joseph, broker, 20l.

55 Lynch, Patrick, broker, 8l.

56 to 58 Tenements, 8l. to 14l.

here Walker's-alley intersects

59 & 60 Tenements, each 14l.

61 Meehan, Mr. H. 18l.

62 Byrne, Edward, iron broker, 18l.

63 Lynch, Patrick, broker, 20l.

64 Laughlin, James, broker, 20l.

65 Doyle, Catherine, broker, 11l.

65½ and 66 Tenements, 8l., 15l.

here Bull-alley intersects

67 Farley, John, victualler, 10l.

68 Spellman, John, victualler, 24l.

69 Peakin, William, victualler, 17l.

70 Sinnott, James, victualler, 17l.

71 Connor, Richard, victualler, 16l.

72 Moran, Michael, victualler, 15l.

73 Morran, William, victualler, 15l.

74 Molony, J. victualler, 15l.

75 Andrews, Joseph, victualler, 24l.

76 Nelson, William, victualler, 8l.

77 M'Clean, Patrick, victualler, 15l.

78 Wright, B. victualler, 17l.

79 Deane, John, victualler, 22l.

80 Kenny, Peter, victualler, 16l.

81 White, Mrs. victualler, 17l.

„ Byrne, Henry, victualler

here Bride's-alley intersects

82 Duff, Patrick, victualler, 12l.

83 Connor, Mrs. broker, 8l.

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