SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Barrack-street to Conyngham-road.

P. St. Paul.—Arran-quay W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box near the Upper Cavalry-gate.

1, 2, and 5 Fitzherbert, Josh. & Wm. brewers & vintners, 30l., 15l., 15l.

3 O'Dowde, Thos. prov. dealer, 16l.

4 M'Grath, Margaret, prov. deal. 16l.

6 to 8 Murphy, Matthew, veterinary surgeon, and horse repository, and livery stables, 36l.

9 and 10 Kean, Mrs. Jane, 15l., 24l.

here Hughes'-court intersects

11 Hanbidge, Hy. board & lodg. 5l. 10s.

12 & 13 Maginnis, Julia, livery stables, and tavern keeper, 25l., 19l.

14 to 22 Fishbourne, Joseph, yard and stables

23 Vacant, 21l.

24 & 25 Lea, John, livery stables and vintner, 20l.

26 King's bridge inn, John Lea, vintner, prov. dealer, & livery stables, 12l.

27 M'Evatt, S. boot and shoemk. 18l.

28 Fox, Jas. vintner, hotel and tavern keeper, 25l.

29 M'Grane, Wm. horse repository, 40l.

30 Nugent, James, esq. 16l.

31 Lockett, John, boot & shoe mkr. 16l.

32 Greer, Sarah, confectioner, 18l.

33 M'Donald, John, engineering surveyor and draughtsman, 17l.

34 Rooney, Thomas, car maker, 19l.

35 Whelan, Mr. Patrick 18l.

36 Stewart, Mary Anne, lodging-ho. 30l.

37 Miller, John Orr, distiller, 26l.

38 Corbett, John, constabulary, 26l.

39 Darley, Edward, esq. 28l.

here Conyngham-road and Circular-road intersect.

40 Walsh, John, lodging house, 18l.

41 Branagan, Geo. smith,& farrier, 25l.

Phoenix iron works—Wm. Robinson, engineer & ironfounder, 135l.

here King's Bridge crosses the Liffey

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