SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Crescent in front of Custom House.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 Gilbert, John T. merchant—res. Villa Nova, Blackrock

„ Gilbert, William, artist

2 O'Flaherty, Mrs. wine merchant—res. 11 Baggot-street, upper, 36l.

3 O'Connor, Valentine O'Brien, wine merch. D.L. and Rockfield House, Newtownpark av. Blackrock, 37l.

„ Rae, Curry, civil engineer

„ Fitzgerald, Thomas, civil engineer

„ Smyth, William, jun. solicitor

4 and 5 Police Barrack, 40l., 42l.

here Gardiner-street, Lower, intersects

6, 7, and 8 Trinity Church Male and Female School

9 Mackey, Kelly, and Co. tobacco merchants' office, 47l.

„ Mackey, James Vokes, esq.

„ Read, James Vokes Mackey, and Scribblestown house, Cabra

10 Young Women's Christian Association and home for governesses, &c.—Mrs. M'Tagart, matron, 44l.

11 Richardson, William, Admiralty proctor and solicitor, agent to French Consulate—res. Glasnevin lodge, 50l.

Arbitration Rooms for Shipping

„ Richardson, Rev. Clement, a.m., and Rathkeale, Limerick

„ Watt, Mrs. James

12 Victoria Hotel—Michael Redmond, proprietor, 50l.

13 Sullivan, Edmund, and Co, general agents, wholesale cigar and fancy tobacco dealers

14 Doyle, P. J. bookseller, bookbinder, and stationer

15 Sillard, John, house painter

16 & 17 Northumberland Baths—G. S. Classon, proprietor

„ Classon, G. S. corn merchant and proprietor of the public weighing machine and corn bruising mills, Old Abbey-street—res. 16 Beresford place

17 Northumberland Buildings Hotel—John C. Josephs, proprietor

Custom House, 3,500l.

Inland Revenue Office

Board of Public Works

Stamp Office

Poor Law Office

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