SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Custom House to North-point.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

here Custom House Docks intersect

A Pillar Letter-box opposite No. 11.

Scovell, Messrs. lessees of docks, and Ferney, Stillorgan

Ballast Office

1 Moppett, Wm. F. dockmaster, and Dock house, 33l.

Tobacco Stores

Queen's Timber Yard

1A Dublin and Liverpool Screw Steam Packet Co's. Stores

here Commons-street intersects

2, 3, & 4 Biggs, Anne, grocery, wine, and spirit merchant, 70l.

5 Allen, Hen. L. agent for steam ships from Dublin for Falmouth, Plymouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, & London, and for the Black Ball Line and Eagle Line of Australian packets, and Terenure-terrace, Roundtown, with No. 4, 112l.

6 Old England hotel, Thomas Costello, proprietor, 55l.

7 Wallis, John, agt. for the Midland Great Western Railway Co. Manchester, Sheffield, Lincolnshire, & Great Northern Railway Co. and 26 Bachelor's-walk, 95l.

„ Swain, John, chief agent in Ireland for the Great Northern, Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway Cos.—res. 52 Eccles-st.

8 O'Brien, Esther, Crimean hotel and tavern, 50l.

9 Quinn, Marg. hotel & tavernkpr. 48l.

10 Vacant, 100l.

11 London and Liverpool tavern—Joseph Wainhouse, proprietor, 48l.

12 Donaldson, Robert William, grocer and spirit dealer, 50l.

Queen's Excise Stores

13 Delany, Denis, emigration agent & broker, and Windsor House, Fairview 51l.

„ Stevens, David, tea, wine, & spirit dlr.

„ M'Cready, Wm. esq. & Dundrum

[14 & 15—290l.]

14 City of Dublin Steam Packet Company's Ticket Office for Liverpool and Belfast,

Liverpool Deck Ticket Office—John Harden, esq. superintendent

15 City of Dublin General Steam Packet Co.'s Inward Goods Stores,

16 City of Dublin Liverpool Outward Goods Store—Robert Burke, storekeeper

17 City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.'s Inwards Sugar and Corn Stores

18 City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.'s Export Yard for Cattle

19 Belfast Steam Packet Stores—office, 15 Eden-quay; P. Howell, sec. 52l.

20 Lenehan, Ptk. wine & spirit stores

here Guild-street intersects

M'Cann & Sons, corn merchants, Liffey works

here the Royal Canal Docks intersect

44 Dublin and Glasgow Steam Packet Company's Stores—Andrew Taylor, sec. and 4 Warrenpoint, Clontarf; office and stores, North-wall, 70l.

„ Taylor, Mr. Chs. & Edendale, Artane

45 M'Donald, James, vintner, 25l.

45 & 46 British and Irish Steam Packet Co.'s Stores—Wm. J. Egan, sec. and Rockville, Rockmount, Dundrum—Hen. Love, storekeeper,76l.

„ Boyce, Joseph, esq. j.p. d.l. Russian consul, and 52 Up. Mount-st.

46A Hutchinson, A. vintner, 28l.

46B Chester & Holyhead Co.'s cattle yd. 28l.

47 Chester & Holyhead hotel & tavern, Matthew Jones, proprietor, 35l.

48, 49, & 50 Roberts, John, agent for the London and North Western Chester and Holyhead Railway and Steam Packet Co.'s goods department, 156l.

51 Power, James, spirit merchant, 36l.

here Wapping-street intersects

52 Kavanagh, John, Prince of Wales' hotel keeper 28l.

53 Martin, John, & Sons, stores, 47l.

„ Verdon, R. and Co. steam patent rope manufacturers & sail makers.

54 Kane, Wm. Jsph. chemical manuf.—res. 30 Upper Pembroke st. 115l.

55A Gibbs, John, jun. coal merchant, carrier, and forwarding agent

Prince of Wales' hotel, J. Kavanagh, 28l.

55B Bristol and Glasgow Steam Packet Co.—stores, 57, 58, and 59 North-wall Foundry—Messrs. Ross and Murray, proprietors

56 Burke, Walter, railway & foundry coke works, and glass stores, &c.—office, 93 Abbey-street, mid. 55l.

57 Gibbs, John, jun. coal merchant and forwarding agent—res. 3 Seville-place

58 Bristol, Glasgow, and Carlisle Steam Packet Stores—office, 11 Eden-qy., C. Carleton, agent

here Fish-street intersects

Light-house—George Halpin, Ballast office, engineer, 20l.

Patent Slip, 300l.

Gibbs, John, foundry agent

Sea bounds Custom House Ward.

59 Bristol and Glasgow Steam Packet Stores, 18l.

North-wall sawing, planing, & moulding mills, and wood-cutting Company—offices, Fish-street, North-wall—John Martin and Sons, proprietors—Wm. Woods, manager

60 Martin, John, and Sons, timber merchants and ship owners, 60l.

Martin, James, esq. j.p. alderman, consul for Denmark and Mecklenburg—res. 9 Fitzwilliam-sq. south

„ Martin, Richard, esq. Prussian consul—res. 12 Fitzwilliam-pl. 100l.

83 Breen, Stephen, bricklayer, 14l.

84 Tenements, 14l.

85 Dunne, Edward, vintner, 14l.

86 Somers, John, provn. dealer, 18l.

87 Malone, M. outfitter

88 Wall, Patrick, smith

Dublina cottage—James Carroll, master mariner

Harbour Master's Office—Wm. Carpenter, sen. harbour master

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