SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mountjoy-square, East, to North Circular-road.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.County.

1 Pratt, Lieut.-Colonel Jos. 63l.

2 Smyth, John, solicitor, and law agent to the Corporation of Dublin, and 48 Dame-street, 60l.

3 Gaynor, John, esq. J.P. and Roxboro', co. Roscommon, 60l.

4 Hyndman, James M. barrister, 62l.

5 Dane, William A. solicitor, sec. to Grand Jury, co. Fermanagh, and Killyreagh, Enniskillen, 55l.

6 Chomley, John Hen. solr. & 3 Inns-quay, and Belcamp, Artane, 55l.

7 O'Donnell, Joseph Wm. bar. 56l.

8 Haines, Mrs. Harriet, 55l.

9 Mayne, Robert St. George, bar. 58l.

„ Harman, Ralph, solr. and Virginia

10 Bowen, Mrs. Margaret, 45l.

11 Nugent, John James, solicitor, 33l.

12 Ryan, William C. esq. 33l.

13 Benson, The Misses, 33l.

14 Loftie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 33l.

„ Mee, Miss Lucy

15 Geale, Major, 33l.

16 Singleton, J. C. esq. 33l.

17 Hamilton, Mrs. Eliza, 33l.

18 Twibill, George, solicitor, 38l.

„ Twibill, Mrs.

19 Taaffe, Miss, 33l.

20 Barton, Rev. G. curate of St. George's, 33l.

21 Battersby, Mrs. 33l.

22 Reigh, Mrs. Jane, 32l.

here Circular-road intersects

23 Building ground

24 O'Callaghan, Mrs. Mary, 24l.

25 Bury, Mrs. 24l.

26 to 34 Building ground

35 Overend, Mrs. 40l.

„ Overend, Henry, esq.

„ Gogarty, William H. esq.

36 Burke, Thomas, solicitor, 40l.

37 Vacant

38 Croft, Alban, profes. of music, 42l.

„ Croft, Mrs. prof. of singing & piano

„ Croft, The Misses, profesrs. of piano and singing

„ Croft, H. professor of singing, &c.

here Belvidere-court intersects

39 Kerrigan, Mrs. 44l.

40 Nugent, Mrs. Rose, 44l.

„ Nugent, Count

41 Conrahy, Laurence, agent 35l.

42 Greene, W. F. sol. & Ballymoney, 38l.

here Heron's-court intersects

43 Cosby, Miss, 27l.

44 Comyn, Miss, 40l.

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