SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From High-street to Blackhall-row.

P. St. Nicholas Within, 1 to 20, and 22 to 40 inclusive. P. St. Nicholas Without, 21.—1 to 20 Merchants'-quay W. and 21 to 41 Wood-quay W.—City.

1 and 2 Burke, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 38l., 16l.

3 Murphy, Peter, boot & shoemkr.18l.

4 Keegan, J. provision dealer, 22l.

5 Grennon, David, hatter, 19l.

6 Collins, Patrick, broker, 15l.

7 Clarke, James A. auctioneer & hat manufacturer, and 38, 25l.

8 Cheevers, John, hatter, 22l.

9 Pepper, Thos. clothes broker, 25l.

10 Cope, Edwd. boot and shoemak. 26l.

11 Reed, Matthew, prov. dealer, 22l.

12 Dempsey, Simon, prov. stores, 15l.

13 Doran, Bartholomew, grocer and spirit dealer, 10l.

here Back-lane intersects

14 Byrne, Denis, vintner, & 48 Meath-street, 19l.

15 Tenements, 23l.

16 Breen, Patrick, tinsmith, 25l.

17 Sullivan, John, provis. dealer, 15l.

here Maguire's-court intersects

18 Gallagher, H. tinplate worker, 16l.

19 Boland, Thomas John, provision dealer, 20l.

20 Graves, Charles, victualler, 13l.

here Draper's-court intersects

21 Tenements, 10l.

22 Dinning, John, clothes broker, 15l.

23 Howley, Mary, clothes broker, 15l.

24 Price, Chas. glass and china warehouse, 30l.

here Martin's-court intersects

25 Tenements, 16l.

26 Lalor, Jas. grocer & spirit dealer, & Sallypark, Phillipsburgh-av. 24l.

27 Behan, Edward, prov. dealer, 8l.

28 Kearney, Peter, dairy, 13l.

29 Mulligan, John, vintner, & 8 Poolbeg-street, 21l.

30 Claffey, Patrick, pawnbroker, 30l.

31 Collins, John, clothes broker, 15l.

32 and 33 Tenements, 13l., 12l.

34 Carey, Mrs. clothes broker, 15l.

35 Sinton, David, grocer, 13l.

36 Kenna, Michael, dairy, 13l.

37 Saunders, Mary, clothes broker, 11l.

38 Clarke, James A. hatter, and 7, 16l.

39 M'Donald, James, hatter, 18l.

here Kennedy's-lane intersects

Parochial School-house

41 Wood, Robert Hall, vestry clerk, St. Nicholas Within

St. Nicholas Within—Incumbent Rev. Thos. R. Shore, b.d.

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