New-row, West

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Thomas-street to Wormwood-gate.

P. St. Catherine.—Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 Derham, Catherine, leather and finding shop, 35l.

„ Derham, Michael, clerk of works, Corporation of Dublin

2 Hassett, Peter, trimming mer. 18l.

3 Brady, Ml. wholesale clothier, 16l.

„ Brady, John, wholesale clothier

4 Hillans, Saml. hat manufact. 18l.

5 Higgins, Mary, fent & Manchester warehouse, 40l.

6 Hales, John, earthenware and glass warehouse, 35l.

7 and 8 Tenements, 15l., 20l.

9 O'Rourke, Hugh, & Co. ironmongery, hardware, trimming, & paper merchants, and 27, 28, and 29, 30l.

10 Cohen, Abraham, merchant, fent and rabbit furrier 27l.

11 Draper, Mrs. Margaret, boot and shoe maker, and warehouse, 25l.

12 and 13 Tenements, 22l.

14 Vacant, 20l.

15 Thomas, Mrs. Margaret, dealer in Manchester goods, 20l.

16 Tenements, 17l.

17 and 18 O'Loughlin, Francis, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, and Thurles Hotel, 16l., 25l.

here Wormwood-gate and Mullinahack intersect.

19 & 20 Seery, Thomas, & Son, paper manufacts. Sallypark mills, Clondalkin—stores, 15 Cook-st. 34l.

21 Murray, Charles, wholesale cap and shoe manufacturer, 13l.

22 MacDonnell, Edward, hardware and trimming merchant, 36l.

23 Byrne, Patrick, dairy, 17l.

24 Cooney, Joseph, pin manufact. 20l.

25 Hoey, Thomas, and Co. pin wire manufacturer, and 5 John's-lane—mills, near Glasnevin, 35l.

here John's-lane intersects

26 Tenements, 14l.

27, 28, & 29, O'Rourke, Hugh, and Co. wholesale hardware, trimming, paper and account book merchants—stores, 8 John-street, 77l.

30 Egerton, John, pin maker and wire drawer—mills, Finglas-brdg. 17l.

31 O'Leary, Arthur, general girth web, coach, gig, mill-band, & jaunting car trimming manufacturer, 20l.

32 Kerr, Maurice, wholes. hardware, toy, & trimming warehouse, 28l.

34 Quinn, Mary, fent warehouse, 13l.

35 Ducket, Patk. brush manufac. 12l.

35½ Molony, Mary, commercial lodging house, 12l.

36 The Millers' Friendly Society of Ireland—James Whelan, sec. 16l.

37 Hayde, William, dairy, 13l.

38 Dynan, P. rope and twine maker, and 87 Thomas-street, 30l.

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