SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Berkeley-street to Eccles-street.

P. St. Mary, 1 to 4. P. St. George, 5 to 37. Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Delany, Mrs. 24l.

2 Hall, Mrs. 24l.

3 Moran, Mr. Edward, 23l.

4 Donegan, Stephen, m.d. 25l.

„ Harkan, John, barrister

5 Vacant, 28l.

6 Keenan, Hugh, American counsellor and solicitor, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, 26l.

7 Black, Rev. John James, minister of Ormond-quay Presbyterian church

8 Kavanagh, Mrs. Sarah, 29l.

„ Smith, Miss

9 Vacant, 38l.

10 Hoyte, Henry C. consul for Hanover, 38l.

11 Norwood, Ben. esq. j.p. and Upper Kendalstown, Delgany, 42l.

„ Norwood, John, a.m. barrister, and vice-chairman N. Dublin Union

„ Norwood, Robt. a.b. Capt. 3rd Drs.

here Meade's-court intersects

12 Mackay, James, esq., and Fines & Penalties Office, Dublin Castle, 27l.

13 Lewis, Mrs. 26l.

14 M'Neight, Mrs. 26l.

15 Goddard, John H. solicitor, 22l.

16 Meade, Robert W. solicitor, 22l.

here Eccles-street intersects

19 D'Arcy, Mr. John, 14l.

„ D'Arcy, John, sculptor, and 30 Lr. Dominick-street

20 Christian, Thos. H. esq. g.p.o. 20l.

21 Building ground

22 Bullock, Mr. George, 26l.

23 Thorp, Charles, esq. 26l.

„ Thorp, Edward Druitt, esq.

24 M'Dermott, Owen, esq. 26l.

25 Costello, Mrs. 26l.

„ Costello, James, solicitor

„ Sidney, Richard F. solicitor

„ Cavendish, Alexander, solicitor

„ Blake, Edward, solicitor

26 Wade, Miss, 26l.

27 Byrne, Joseph J. esq. 32l.

28 Murphy, Michael, esq. 26l.

29 Purdon, Mrs. 26l.

30 Ashenhurst, Mrs. Sarah, 26l.

31 Forster, Alex. sol. and Kilkenny, 28l.

„ Walters, Thos. solicitor

32 Dudgeon, Alex. solicitor, & crown solicitor, Monaghan 28l.

„ Hartnell, Thomas Henry, esq.

„ Mitchell, John, sol. & Monaghan

33 Gatchell, Miss, 33l.

„ Allen, William, barrister

34 Geoghegan, Francis, solicitor, 31l.

35 Stuart, Rev. David, curate of St. George's, chaplain of the Mountjoy Governm. Prison, and Howth, 29l.

36 Geoghegan, Miss, 28l.

37 Hanley, Richard, esq. 24l.

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