SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From School-street to Robert-street.

P. St. Catherine.—Usher's-qy. W.City.

1 & 2 Ennis, T. Belview mills, miller & corn fac. & 4 Grand Canal-pl. 63l.

3 and 4 Storey, George, Vulcan foundry and iron works 18l.

5 Doyle, Thomas, machinist, 9l.

„ Waller, R. iron works and manufactory of J. A. Waller's patent filtering and solidifying apparatus

6 Yard, 10l.

here Robert-street intersects

7 Yard, 10l.

here O'Brien's-row intersects

8 Aylward, Patrick, ham and bacon curer, lard refiner, and provision merchant, and Tullamore, 54l.

9 Logan, John, inland revenue office

10 and 11 Plunket, Eliza, patent malt manufacturer, hop merchant and importer of Russian isinglass, and 17 Mark-lane, London—res. 3 Ormond-terrace, Rathmines, 55l.

12 Tenements, 4l.

13 Hallin, Thomas, dairyman, 6l.

here Rainsford-street intersects

14 to 16 Tenements, 2l. to 5l.

17 Allen, Denis, coal and coke factor

18 Whittle, Mr. Robert, James's gate brewery, 20l.

19 Poole, John, file maker, 4l.

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