SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Circular-road, From Harcourt-road to Leeson-street.

P. St. Peter, 1 to 20.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Dublin and Wicklow Railway, 22l.

2 Bell, Mrs. Sophia 27l.

3 Nelson, Edward, esq. 38l.

4 Houghton, Richard, esq. 36l.

5 Byrne, Joseph, esq. 36l.

6 Cotton, George P. merchant, 36l.

here Peter's-place intersects

7 Cooper, James, esq. 42l.

8 White, Mrs. A. A. 39l.

„ White, Henry, solicitor

9 Ringland, Mr. Robt. com. clerk, 39l.

10 Cox, John William, agent, 41l.

11 Huddart, Miss, 46l.

12 Otway, Mrs. Elizabeth, 41l.

13 Bent, Colonel George, 41l

14 Odell, Thomas, esq. 41l.

15 Boileau, John George, esq. 41l.

16 Blake, Captain, 50l.

17 Findlater, Adam S. wine mer. 42l.

18 Brownrigg, Mrs. Catherine, 41l.

„ Brownrigg, William Bookey, esq.

Scots Church—Rev. Joseph W. Hunter, minister, Ranelagh road

St. Mathias' Church—Rev. Maurice F. Bay, 22 Hatch-st. chap.; Rev. W. A. Leet, assist, chap.

Male School—Wm. Brennan. mas.; female school, Mrs. Brennan, mist.

19 Fridlezius, Jn. F. college tutor, 36l.

20 Metcalf, Miss Charlotte, 35l.

„ Metcalf, Rev. Edward, incurnbent of St. George's, Balbriggan

„ Robinson, William, nurseryman

Catholic Apostolic Church—James Hore, James Gallagher, and Wm. B. Blood, ministers

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