Abbey-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Lower Sackville-street to Beresford-place.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock Ward.—City.

1 Murphy, David, vintner, 42l.

2 M'Comas, Samuel, and Son, naval, military, and merchant tailors, 55l.

„ M'Comas, Samuel, esq. and 3 Rockfort-terrace, Dalkey,

„ Copinger, Christopher, q.c. chairm. of Quarter Sessions, co. Kerry—residence, Abbeyview, Dalkey

3 and 4 Irish Times newspaper office—Laurence Edward Knox, esq. proprietor—res. 53 Fitzwilliam sq. and Aughavanagh lodge, Rathdrum, 150l.

5 Ship hotel and tavern—John Cunningham, proprietor, and 14 Sackville-place, 62l.

6 Nation, and Morning, Evening, and Weekly News newspaper offices—Alex. M. Sullivan, esq. prop. 55l.

Union Chapel—Rev. S. G. Morrison, minister—res. Liffey vale, Chapelizod; James Bloomer, sexton

7 Catholic Telegraph and Irish Sun newspaper office—John Wm. M'Donnell, manager, 47l.

8 Dublin Protestant Association—Hen. Murray, m.d. assist. secretary,47l.

8 ½ Wesleyan Methodist Chapel,

Rev. Wallace M'Mullen

Rev. C. H. Crookshank

9 Reilly, John, hotel keeper, 36l.

here Marlborough-street intersects

10 Dawson, John, tailor, and shell-fish tavern, 16l.

11 Drum, Margaret, vintner, 12l.

12 Murray, John, saddler and harness maker, 12l.

Metropolitan Hall—Mr. James R. Millington, registrar, 92l.

Hibernian Auxiliary to the London Missionary Society Offices—Rev. A. King, secretary

Savings' Bank—Robert W. Jones, esq. actuary; John Rowley, housekeeper, 100l.

Baptist Chapel—Rev.W. l.Giles, pastor; T. Curtis, sexton

here Northumberland-square intersects

13 Bryan, Mary, private com. hotel, 28l.

14, 15, and 16 Carolin, Robinson and John, builders & timber mers. 75l.

17 Clements, Joseph, Nelson tavern, 35l.

18 Tilson, John, refreshment ho. 23l.

here Beresford-place intersects

19 Northumberland Baths, Geo. S. Classon, proprietor

20 Mills and Rogers, coal factors

21 M'Cann, William, glass stainer and patent metal sash maker

22 Fishbourne, William Joseph, stables

23 M'Sweeny, Eliza, coal, coke, and marine stores

24 Meares, James, provision stores, and Abbeyview, Lr. Rathfarnham,37l.

here Ferrall's-arch intersects

25 Moran, Patrick, fruiterer and fruit factor, & 23 Anglesea-market, and 35 Richmond-street, south, 28l.

26 Hogan, Mr. Joseph, 30l.

27 James, John, scourer 28l.

Dublin Mechanics' Institute—Thomas Leech, secretary; Denis Horgan, librarian, 120l.

here Marlborough-street intersects

28 Belfast tavern, Patrick Connolly, proprietor, 44l.

29 Rose, Mrs. Clara 38l.

Royal Irish Rifle Volunteers, provisional offices—Wm. Richardson, esq. hon. sec. (see advertisement)

30 Beith, Mary, dressmaker, 52l.

„ Roberts, M. esq.

31 Beatty, Josias, agent, 50l.

32 Society for Improving the Condition of the Poor—Henry Higinbotham, sec. 50l.

„ Gethin, Michael, solicitor

„ Grandison, Mary, dressmaker

„ Tennant, Charles & Co. manuf. chemists and dry salters

„ Buchanan, Walter, chemical manuf. and dry Salter

33 Irishman newspaper office—Denis Holland, esq. proprietor—res. 24 Waterloo-road 54l.

„ Pigott, Richard, photographic publisher, & stereoscopic warerooms

„ Russell, Wm. agent to the London Advance and Life Assurance Co. (limited), & 3 Alma-villa, Rathgar

34 M'Cullagh, James, Son, and Co. wholesale wine merchants, 68l.

„ M'Cullagh, Andrew, merchant

„ Miller, Robert, merchant

Royal Hibernian AcademyMatthew Kendrick, r.h.a. marine and landscape painter,keeper, 180l.

35 (Wynne's), commercial boarding-house—Mrs. Mary Jane Pascoe, proprietor, 60l., 55l.

36 & 37 Smyth & Co. original Balbriggan hosiery warehouse, 55l.

„ Whyte, William, esq. and 13 Lower Sherrard-street

here Harbour-court intersects

38 M'Crea, Alexander, umbrella and parasol manufac. with No. 39, 70l.

„ Kirkpatrick & Co. jewellers' case manufacturers, &c.

„ Henderson, David S. comm. traveller

39 O'Neill, Thomas, Italian warehouse

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