List of Authors and Editions examined

From Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689 by Thomas Witherow

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Aickin's Londerias [In Hempton, pp. 24-76].

Apology for the Failures charged on the Rev. Mr. George Walker's Printed Account. London, 1689.

Ash's Diary. Derry, 1792.

A True Account of the Present State of Ireland, etc. By a person that with great difficulty left Dublin, June 8th, 1689. London, 1689.

A True and Impartial Account of the most material Passages in Ireland, since Dec. 1688. Lond., 1689. [Ascribed to Captain Bennet in Invisible Champion, p. 7].

Berwick, Life of the Duke of. London, 1738.

Boyse's Vindication of the Rev. Mr. Alexander Osborn. London, 1690.

Burnet's History of His Own Times. 6 vols. London, 1725.

Concise View of the Origin and Proceedings of the Hon. Irish Society, Lond., 1842.

Froude's English in Ireland. Vol. i. London, 1872.

———History of England. 1st edition. 12 vols. V.D.

Gillespie's Revised History of the Siege of Londonderry. Derry, 1823.

Good News from Londonderry, in Ireland; being a full and true relation of a great and signal victory which the Protestants there have most happily obtained over the French and Irish Papists, June 7, 1689.

Graham's History of Ireland (1689-1691). Dublin, 1839.

Graham's History of the Siege of Londonderry and Defence of Enniskillen. Derry, 1823.

———Ireland Preserved. Dublin, 1841.

Hamill's Memorial. London, 1714.

———Danger and Folly of being public-spirited and sincerely loving one s country. Lond., 1721.

Hamilton's Actions of the Enniskillen Men. Lond., 1690.

Harris's Life of William III. Dublin, 1749.

Hempton's Siege and History of Londonderry. Derry, 1861.

Hill's Macdonnells of Antrim. Belfast, 1874.

History of the Ironmongers Company. London.

Inquiry before Committee of House of Commons [In Hempton, pp. 391-403].

Ireland's Lamentation, etc.. Written by an English Protestant that lately narrowly escaped with his life from thence. Lond., 1689.

Journal of very Rev. Rowland Davies, LL.D. London, 1857.

Killen's Mackenzie's Memorials of the Siege of Derry, with Introduction and Notes. Belfast, 1861.

King's State of the Protestants of Ireland. 3rd ed. Lond., 1692.

Leslie's Answer to King. London, 1692.

List of those Attainted by King James's Parliament, May 7th, 1689. Lond., 1690.

Lodge and Archdall's Peerage. 6 vols. Dublin, 1789.

Macaulay's History of England. 4 vols. Lond., 1864.

MacCarmick's Further Impartial Account of the Actions of the Inniskilling Men. Lond., 1691.

Mackenzie's Narrative of the Siege of Londonderry. London, 1690.

Mackenzie's Walker's Invisible Champion Foyl'd. Lond., 1690.

Macpherson's Original Papers. 2 vols. Dublin, 1775.

McBride's Animadversions. Belfast, 1697.

Mr. John Mackenzie's Narrative of the Siege of Londonderry a False Libel; in defence of Dr. George Walker. Written by his Friend in his absence. Lond., 1690.

MS. Account of Alderman Smyth's Charity Fund. 1708.

MS. Journal from London to relieve Londonderry. 1689.

MS. Minutes of Laggan (1672-1681).

Narrative of the Murders perpetrated on the Protestants in Ireland by the late King James's Agents. Lond., 1690.

Negociations de M. Le Comte D'Avaux en Irlande, 1689-90.

O'Kelly's Excidium Macariae. Dublin, 1850.

Ordnance Memoir of Derry. Dublin, 1837.

Rawdon Papers; consisting of Letters to and from Dr. John Bramhall. Lond., 1819.

Reid's History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. 3 vols. Belfast, 1867.

Reflections on a Paper pretending to be an Apology for the Failures of Walker. Lond., 1689.

Simpson's Annals of Derry. Derry, 1847.

Story's Impartial History and Continuation of the Wars of Ireland. Lond., 1693.

Ulster Journal of Archaeology. Vol. ii. Belfast, 1855.

Walker's Christian Champion ; or, A Second Discourse to the Besieged Protestant Soldiers in Londonderry. Lond., 1689.

Walker's True Account of the Siege of Londonderry. Lond., 1689.

Walker's Vindication of the True Account of the Siege of Derry in Ireland. Lond., 1689.

Ware's Works, by Harris. 2 vols., folio. Dublin, 1745.

Whittle's (Seth) Sermon preached before the Garrison of Londonderry. Lond., 1690.

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William R. Young’s Fighters of Derry has for decades been one of the most overlooked works on the Siege of Derry and as a local genealogical resource. First published in 1932, the book was the product of ten years’ research into identifying participants at the siege which the author undertook when suffering from ill-health in the latter part of his life.

The book is essentially divided into two parts: the first contains 1660 biographical entries relating to the defenders of Derry, tracing, where possible, the family lineage; and the second part includes 352 entries on the Jacobite side. Apart from individual accounts of eminent protagonists in the siege, such as David Cairnes, Rev. George Walker, the Duke of Schomberg, Patrick Sarsfield, etc., there is also background given to many of the most influential families involved in the conflict.