Kate of Garnavilla

By Edward Lysaght

From The Cabinet of Irish Literature, Volume 2, edited by Charles A. Read.

(Sung to the well-known air of "Roy's Wife," to which Burns also wrote words not excelling these of Lysaght).

Have you been at Garnavilla?
Have you seen at Garnavilla
Beauty's train trip o'er the plain
With lovely Kate of Garnavilla?
Oh! she's pure as virgin snows
Ere they light on woodland hill-O;
Sweet as dew-drop on wild rose
Is lovely Kate of Garnavilla!

Philomel, I've listened oft
To thy lay, nigh weeping willow:
Oh! the strains more sweet, more soft,
That flows from Kate of Garnavilla.
Have you been, &c.

As a noble ship I've seen
Sailing o'er the swelling billow,
So I've marked the graceful mien
Of lovely Kate of Garnavilla.
Have you been, &c.

If poets' prayers can banish cares,
No cares shall come to Garnavilla;
Joy's bright rays shall gild her days,
And dove-like peace perch on her pillow.
Charming maid of Garnavilla!
Lovely maid of Garnavilla!
Beauty, grace, and virtue wait
On lovely Kate of Garnavilla.

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