Thy Spirit is from Bondage Free

By Edward Lysaght

From The Cabinet of Irish Literature, Volume 2, edited by Charles A. Read.

Thy spirit is from bondage free!
Death gave thee guiltless liberty;
Sweet victim of ungrateful love,
Flit happy through the realms above!
No priest am I, with rigid rule,
Thy merits to arraign;
No dunce untaught in sorrow's school,
I feel for others' pain.
An humble offering on thy bier,
I drop a sympathetic tear!

Life's toils are mercifully brief;
Death gives the woe-worn heart relief;
When hope is fled, 'tis bliss to die—
Griefs ending with a single sigh.
Delusive love dissolves the heart,
Where vivid passions glow;
The fault was nature's—thine the smart;
I well can feel thy woe;
Sweet victim may'st thou through heaven's skies,
A kindred spirit recognize.

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