Ballynure County Antrim Guide and Directory 1888

George Henry Bassett
The Book of Antrim

BALLYNURE is a village in the parish of the same name on the Ballymena and Larne Railway, 2 miles north-east of Ballyclare. It had a population of 210 in 1881. Some of the land of the district is good, and some of medium quality. The farmers devote a considerable amount of attention to butter making. Crops: oats, potatoes, and a little flax. For list of fairs see index. Ballyclare is the railway sub-post office of the district.

Bauxite Co., Lt.—H. Sutherland
Beetling works—Sl. Kirk, Thos. McKerrall
Church of I.—Rev. E. J. Hartrick
Dispensary Dr.—Wm. Blair
Grocers—Thus * spirits. Thus † drapers:—
Rt. Beattie *†, Mrs. M. Blackander, T. Girvan*†, A Henderson, J. Henderson, Jas. Hill†, Rt. Jackson, Jno. McKinstrey, W. J. O'Hara†
Methodist Church—Circuit
Post Mstr.—Wm. J. Kerr
Presbn. Ch.—Rev. Wm. Kerr
Schls., Nl.—J. Moore, Miss B. Vance
Spirit Retailers—W. Girvan, W. J. Park, W. McWhirter
Station Mstr.—Thos. Brownlie
Victualler—Jas. Jackson

Farmers & Residents

Allen, Robert, Ballyboley
Barklie, James, Lismenary
Bell, Wm., Ballynarry
Boyd, Samuel, Legaloy
Curran, Henry, Bryantang
Drummond, S. M., Ballygowan
Fullton, Mrs., Legaloy
Girvan, Thos., Toberdowney
Graham, John, Dunturkey
Harson, Wm. J., Dunturkey
Hill, James, Ballynure
Hill, J. G., Toberdowney
Hill, W. J., Ballyboley
Kennedy, David, Castletown
Kennedy, John, Dunturkey
Kirk, Saml., Toberdowney
Kirk, Saml., Castletown
Kirk, Wm., Dunturkey
Knox, W. J., Ballygowan
Logan, Hugh, Dunturkey
Logan, Hugh, Ballynure
Logan, John, Ballynure
McCrone, David, Bryantang
McGookin, Jas., Lismenary
McKerrel, Thos., Toberdowney
McKinstry, John, Ballynure
McKinstry, Saml., Ballyboley
McKinstry, Thos., Skilginaban
McNair, J. B., Castletown
McNair, Robt., Castletown
Marshall, John, Ballyboley
Marshall, Thos., Ballyboley
Martin, H. M., Bryantang
Mayne, Robert, Ballybracken
Park, Andrew, Castletown
Park, James, Legaloy
Park, R, D., Dunturkey
Percy, Robert, Castletown
Robinson, Thos., Ballybracken
Scott, Wm., jun., Bryantang
Tounsley, W., Legaloy
Wallace, John, Castletown
Wilson, David, Bryantang
Wilson, James, Legaloy
Wilson, John, Dunturkey
Wilson, Mrs., Legaloy
Wilson, W., Bryantang
Woodside, Jas., Skilginaban
Woodside, Jno., Ballynarry
Woodside, Robt., Lismenary