Ballyeaston County Antrim Guide and Directory 1888

George Henry Bassett
The Book of Antrim

BALLYEASTON had a population of 191 in 1881. It is situated on the side of a hill in a parish of the same name, at a distance of a little more than a mile to the north of Ballyclare, from which it receives a daily mail. The land of the district, for the most part, is light. Crops: oats, potatoes, and some flax.

Church of I.—Rev. Sl. Black
Post Mstr.—W. Cameron
Grocers—Mrs. M. McKegherty, Rt. Service, spirit Lcse.
Presbn. Chs. — Rev. W. J. McCracken, Rev. A. B. Porter
Schl., Nl.—Thos. Bailie: private, Rt. Hanna
Spirit Retlr.—Rt. Davidson


Agnew, Andrew, Ballyeaston
Boyd, John, Ballyeaston
Boyd, Thomas, Ballyeaston
Dickey, J., jr., Ballyeaston
Dickey, Robt, H., Ballyeaston
Gardner, Hugh, Ballyalbanagh
Gault, Joseph, Ballyeaston
Gilmore, Wm., Ballyeaston
Graham, J., Ballyalbanagh
Hodgkinson, Alf., Whitepark
Irvine, W., B'albanagh
McClean, Andrew, Ballyeaston
McClean, J., sen., Ballyalbanagh
McClean, J., jun., Ballyalbanagh
M'Clean, Sl., Ballyeaston
McGookin, W. H., B'albanagh
McIlwaine, A., jun., B'albanagh
McIlwaine, Andw., sen., B'albanagh
McKinstry, Saml., Ballyeaston
M'Veigh, Mrs., Ballyalbanagh
Mackey, Andrew, Ballyeaston
Percy, Robert, Ballyeaston
Robinson, Saml., Ballynashee
Wilson, Jas., Ballyalbanagh
Wilson, J., Jun., Ballyalbanagh
Wilson, John, Ballyeaston
Wilson, Wm., Ballygallough
York, Patk., Ballyalbanagh