Ballyclare County Antrim Guide and Directory 1888

George Henry Bassett
The Book of Antrim

Population 1,475 in 188l.

BALLYCLARE is a prettily-situated town on the Six-mile-water, in the barony of Lower Belfast.

It occupies portions of two parishes—Ballygaston and Ballynure, and is connected by branch lines with the Belfast and Northern Counties, and the Ballymena and Larne Railways.

It is almost 15 miles by rail from Belfast, 20¾ miles from Ballymena by rail, and 6¾ miles by rail from Larne.

The town consists chiefly of one long street and the Market Square.

For the greater part the houses are well built, and show other evidences of the prosperity of the inhabitants. About half the town is owned in perpetuity by householders. A few of the residents who own the rest sublet for building purposes on equitable terms. Lady Shaftesbury receives head rents.

The population has almost doubled since 1831.

Paper making, bleaching, dyeing and finishing are the leading industries. From 700 to 800 of the women of the neigbourhood embroider for Belfast merchants.

The right to hold a market for general produce has been long exercised, but the management is now very much more business-like than it was 50 years ago. A noted feature then, the sale of linen, no longer exists.

The market is held under the supervision of a committee, appointed by the people in public meeting. Charges for weighing only are made—3d. per pig, 2d. per load for produce, butter, up to 14lbs, 1/2d.; up to 28lbs. 1d.; butts, 2d. each. The market house, in the centre of the square, was built at a cost of £480, raised by public subscription. The upper story, added about eight years ago, is used for a Town Hall.

There is a great market held on the third Wednesday of each month. Cattle and horses are sold at it. For list of fairs see index.

The May fair is continued for two days, and is famous for young horses. The second day is devoted to cattle as well as horses.

Ballyclare is a good dairying district. Some of the land is of prime quality, and the rest medium. Many of the farmers hold leases in perpetuity.

Several neatly built church edifices adorn the town.

Societies for promoting the development of mind and body flourish here. The oldest is the Reading Society, established in 1840. It has about 800 volumes, which are taken out and read by the members in their own homes. In 1880 a newsroom was established, to which members gain admission on payment of 10s. annually.

A lawn tennis club was established in 1887. It has about twenty members, and some excellent players—Mr. William C. Anderson, J.P., President. Ladies take part in all the practice meetings and tournaments, but are not regularly admitted members. Lawn tennis is very popular in the neighborhood. There are five first-rate private courts.

A cricket club, established about eight years ago, has thirty members—Mr. J. C. Kirkpatrick, President.

Two years ago a football club was established. It has twenty members.

About the same time an athletic club was organized. Mr. James Owens, D.L., President. The sports are held in August.

In Market Square there is a handsome fluted column erected to the memory of Dr. James Cunningham, a practitioner in Ballyclare, his native town, for fifty years. He died in 1853, at the age of 71. Robert Scott Cameron, a millionaire banker in America, was born here.

One of the interesting sights of the town is a pleasure garden, built by Mr. R. T. Wilson Baird, and attached to Baird's Hotel. In a comparatively small space wonderful results have been achieved above and below ground. Mr. Baird also has a collection of antiquities, including “Corney Cromwell's” stone, presented by Mr. Jno. Hunter, V.S.; a holy water stoup, found in the chimney of an old house, and presented by Mr. Joseph Parkhill; three knocking stones for bruising grain, one presented by the late Mr. William Gault, Beechill, Doagh; one by Mr. Thomas Hill, Uller View House, and the third by Mr. W. J. McKinstry, Holestone, Doagh; a quern from Mr. John Patton, Templepatrick, and two pike heads from Mr. Joseph Logan, Straid.

It is said that Edward Bruce encamped on Bruslee Hill, a mile and a quarter from Ballyclare, before attacking Carrickfergus.


HALF a century ago Ballyclare was celebrated for the manufacture of the finest kinds of paper. The best machinery obtainable in those days was used for the purpose. In 1875 a company was formed under the title of The North of Ireland Paper Mills Co., Limited, with the view of reviving the industry according to the most improved modern methods. The principal stock owners are English, and the chief office of the directors (Mr. Edwin Hamer, chairman) is at 54 Church Street, Blackburn, Lancashire.

The mills are situated on the Six-mile-water, anciently known as the Uller, within half a mile of the Ballymena and Larne Railway station, at Ballyclare, to which there is a siding. In the illustration on the opposite page an idea is given of the extent of premises. They include thirty-five Irish acres, and are picturesquely situated.

The higher buildings belong to the original concerns. Native black stone and brick dressings constitute the chief materials in construction. Since the present Company took possession the expenditure upon machinery, buildings, etc., aggregates £38,000, with the result that in the present stage of development the mills are among the largest in the United Kingdom, turning out on an average over 120 tons of paper per week.

The power supplied by the Six-mile-water is equal to about 100 horse for nine months in the year. Steam engines give an indicated power of from 900 to 1,000 horse. The largest engine is 700 horse.

In the manufacture of paper by the North of Ireland Company a great deal of esparto is used, as well as rags, procured locally and from English and Scotch centres. Esparto is a grass which has a considerable amount of fibrous material, and is employed by the Spaniards for making sandals, mats, baskets, ropes, nets, sacks, etc. It is abundant in some parts of Spain. The North of Ireland Company imports it from Algeria.

A special feature is made of news and lapping papers. The greater number of Irish newspapers are printed on paper manufactured at Ballyclare. At the Dublin Artisans' Exhibition, held in 1885, the workers, of whom there are now over 300, were awarded a first prize certificate for tealapping, and news papers.


Bakers—Jno. M'Clelland, Chas. Nicholson
Bank, Northern—W. C. Anderson, J.P., mgr.; T.J. Gilchrist, cashr.
Bleaching, Dyeing, &c.—Kirk-patrick Bros.
Bootmakers—A. Cameron, A. Cunningham, J, Hamilton, J. H. Johnston, T. Moore, Jas. Valentine
Cabinet maker—Sl. Curry
Christian Brethren
Church of I.—Ballyeaston
Coal merchants—Jas. Milliken, Jos. Parkhill
Dispensary Dr.—W. A. Cluggston
Dyer and Finisher—G. B. Hanna
Drapers—Rt. Adair, Jas. Anderson, T. and J. Erskine, M. Gettingly, Jno. Hill, Wm. Irwin, W. Lawson, F. Magee, Lennon Bros., Miss S. Saunderson, A. Shannon
Emigration—R. T. Wilson Baird
Grocers marked thus * sell spirits. Thus ‡ drapery goods. Thus † hardware—
Jno. Allen, J. K. Beard†. H. Beggs, R. M. Beggs†, R. J. Carlin, Miss M. Cooper, Dd. Dickey†, P. Flynn†, W. J. Gordon, Jas. Gregg†, and drugs, Sl. Lorrimer‡, Jas. M'Bride, Jas. M'Clean, Staf. M'Clean, Jno. M'Clelland, Miss M. M'Clelland, Alex. M'Gladdery*, W. M'Ilroy, Thos. M'Knight†‡, Miss A. Magee, Rt. W. Mewhirter, Wm. Moore†, Jno. Morrison, Chas. Nicholson, Wm. Nicholson, Hy. Service* Nl. B. Warwick†
Hotel—Baird's Hotel and Pleasure Garden
Market Committee—J. J. Kirkpatrick, chairman; W. A. Cluggston, M.D., Jas. Alexander, Jas. Gregg, Wm. Lawson, Dd. Dickie, F. Magee, A. M'Gladdery, Abraham Cunningham, clerk
Methodist (W.)—Rev. G. Clarke
Methodist (N.C.)—Rev.Mr.Turner
Miller, corn—Wm. Holmes
Painter—Sl. Miller
Paper manftrs.—The North of Ireland Paper Mill Co., Lt.
Petty Sessions, 3rd Thursday monthly, Thos. Beggs, clerk
Post Master—Thos. Beggs
Presbn. Ch.—Rev. E. M. Leggatt
Presbn. Refd—Rev. A.M. Stavely
Printer—A. Cameron
R.C.—Rev. Jas. O'Neill, P.P.
R.I.C.—Wm. Taylor, sergt
Saddlers—C. Boyd, A. Cunningham, Wm. Herron, Jno. M'Elroy, T. J. Wilson
Schls., Nl.—T. Percy, Mrs. Anderson
Solicitors—T. and D. C Beggs, J. W. M'Ninch
Spirit retailers — A. Alexander, Wm. Atwell, Frs. Baird, S. F. Beggs, Wm. Baird, W. H. Grange, Jno. M'Connell, Mrs. J. Miller, W. H. Nelson, Jas. Wilson
Station Masters—N.C.R., Jas. Purce; B'mena and Larne, Jno. Wright
Tow manftr.—Alex. Beverley
Unitarian Pres.—Rev. W. Fielding
Unitarian Rem.—Rev. E. Crooks
Victuallers—Jas. Millar, Wm. Millar, Alex. Stevenson
Watchmakers—Wm. J, Millar, Jas. Williams

Farmers & Residents

Adair, Robert, Ballycor
Alexander, James, Size hill
Alexander, Jas., jun., Ballywalter
Baird, John, Clements hill
Blair, John, Cogry
Barclay, Alex., Rashee
Barclay, Robert, Rashee
Barclay, Wm. J., Rashee
Barren, Thos., Ballylinney
Beggs. Jas., Ballynashee
Beggs, James, Ballynashee
Bell, John, Ballyclare
Blair, James, Ballycor
Bonar, Wm. J., Carnlea
Brown, Thomas, Ballycor
Coleman, Jas., Lisnalinchy
Coleman, W. J., Lisnalinchy
Connolly, Henry, Cogry
Craig, James, Cogry
Cunningham, J., Ballygallough
Dundee, John, Bruslee
Dundee, Samuel, Bruslee
Galt, James, Ballyclare
Gardner, Andrew, Carnlee
Gardner, John, Bruslee
Gardner, W., Bruslee
Gilmore, Hugh, Ballynashee
Gilmore, John, Dunamoy
Graham, Isaac, Ballyclare
Graham, Saml., Tildarg
Graham, Wm., Ballyclare
Gormal, Hugh, Ballyeaston
Grange, Robert, Castle, Ballyclare
Hagan, Jas., jun., L. Ballymena
Hanna, Thos., Rashee
Harper, Hugh, Lisnalinchy
Hill, David, Ballycor
Hill, Wm., Ballycor
Houston, Robt., Carnlea
Hunter, John, L. Ballymena
Irwin, John, Lisnalinchy
Jackson, Jas., Skilginaban
Jenkins, Jas., L. Ballymena
Kirkpatrick, J. C., Le Ballyclare
Kirkpatrick, J.J. (J.P.), Henryfield
Kennedy, John, Ballywalter
Kennedy, Saml., Clements hill
Kirk, Saml., Clements hill
Laird, Jos., Ballygallough
Lindsay, John, Ballyhone
Logan, Samuel, Lisnalinchy
Love, Joseph, Ballycor
Lyle, Alexander, Ballyclare
Lyle, James, Ballyclare
M'Auley, Geo., Ballynashee
M'Auley, J. R., Ballynashee
M'Auley, Jno., Ballynashee
M'Creery, Robert, Calhame
M'Clelland, J. A., Dunamoy
M'Clelland, Patk., Dunamoy
M'Curdy, Jas., Ballynashee
McGee, Robt., Ballyclare
M'Ilroy, Robt., L. Ballymena
M'Ilroy, W., Ballygallough
M 'Ilvenna, Chas., Ballyclare
M'Kinstry, Henry, Ballyclare
M'Kinstry, James, Ballycor
M'Meekin, Robert, Cogry
M'Meekin, R. J., Cogry
M'Minn, Saml., L. Ballymena
M'Murty, Jas., Bruslee
M'Neilly, Jas., Ballygallough
M'Ninch, Dr. Jos., Main st
Mackey, Wm., Ballyclare
McGee, Francis, Ballyclare
Martin, John, Carnlea
Mayben, Patrick, Dunamoy
Milford, James, Ballycor
Miller, Jas., Main st
Montgomery, I. A., Lisnalinchy
Moore, Mrs., Rashee
Moore, Samuel, Ballyclare
Morrow, W., Ballygallough
Peden, Doctor, Mill av
Robinson, James, Carnlea
Ross, Alex., Ballylinney
Ross, Thos., Ballygallough
Scott, Saml., Ballylinny
Service, Thomas, Dunamoy
Shannon, John, Ballyclare
Sherrard, Chas., Lisnalinchy
Smith, Jas., Manager, North of Ireland Paper Mills Co., Limited
Smith, Saml., Ballyhone
Smyth, W. H., Lisnalinchy
Stewart, John, Ballycor
Stewart, John, Ballywalter
Thompson, William J., Ballylinney
Wilson, Robt., Ballynashee
Williams, Rev. Wm., Presb. M., Bruslee
Wilson, J. G., Rashee
Wilson, Samuel, Ballyhone
Wham, Jos., Carnlea