Ballintoy County Antrim Guide and Directory 1888

George Henry Bassett
The Book of Antrim

BALLINTOY is a coast village in the parish of the same name, 5 miles north-west of Ballycastle, and less than 7 miles north-east of Bushmills. It has a salmon fishery and quarries of hard whinstone, in which over 100 men are employed preparing paving setts for exportation. This industry, which has been in operation for several years, has latterly undergone further development by the Eglinton Chemical Co., Glasgow. A castle once existed here, but a few feet of the outer wall now only remains. The coast scenery is interesting. To the south and east are high hills which are beautiful when the heather is in full bloom. The land of the district is rocky. Crops—barley, beans, and oats. Carrick-a-rede is within half a mile of the village. There are several caves along the coast at this point. See Ballycastle.

Church of I.—Rev. J. M'Niece
Coastguard—Ed. Sullivan, C.B.
Grocers marked thus [*] sell spirits:-
Jno. Donnelly*, Alex. M'Caw*, Mrs. N. M'Kay, Ptk. Watson
Post Master—Jno. Donnelly
Presbn. Church—Circuit
Quarry Props—Eglinton Chl. Co.
R.C.—Rev. D. B. Mulcahey, P.P.
Schls.,Nl.—W. Irwin, Miss Logan


Christy, Danl., jun., Craiganee
Dickson, Hugh, Demesne
Dickson, John, Demesne
Dickson, Jno., jun., Demesne
Donegan. Danl., Demesne
Donnelly, Jno., Knocksoughey
Kane, Chas., Knocksoughey
Kane, Jno., Knocksoughey
Kelly, Henry, Ballintoy
M'Conaghy, Silas, Lemnaghbeg
M'Conaghy, Wm., Lemnaghmore
M'Curdy, Hugh, Demesne
M'Curdy, John, Lemnaghmore
M'Fall, Denis, Glenstaghey
M'Kay, Æneas, Demense
M'Kay, Hugh, Demesne
M'Kay, John, Clegnagh
M'Michael, James, Clegnagh
M'Quilkan, John, Coolmaghry
Richards, Wm. Eglinton, Quarry