Armoy County Antrim Guide and Directory 1888

George Henry Bassett
The Book of Antrim

ARMOY is a prettily situated village in the barony of Cary, about six miles south-west of Ballycastle. It is a station on the railway between the latter-mentioned place and Ballymoney. In 1881 the population numbered 306. The land of the district is fairly good for dairying and tillage. Oats, potatoes and flax are the principal crops. A fountain which supplies the village with pure water, conveyed by pipe from a spring a quarter of a mile away, was erected last year to the memory of Andrew R. Wilson, a resident, who died in 1886. There are three peat bogs in the parish, and a quarry of white limestone. The river Bush also passes through. Uhda, a disciple of St. Patrick, was killed here while attempting to convert the natives to Christianity. In the graveyard of the Episcopal Church are the remains of a round tower, thirty-six feet high, and forty-seven and a half feet in circumference. A large cave runs under the road at the church. In the parish also is Knocklayd, rising to a height of 1,695 feet. For dates of fairs see index.

Bank, Northern, weekly
Church of I.—Rev. J. W. D'Evelyn
Drapers—Mrs. Wilson, S. Peacock
Grocers marked thus [*] sell spirits—
Jas. Barr, A. Brogan, Jas.Gillan, Rt. Gillan*, T. & J. Knox, W. J. Lavery*, Rt. McCambridge, Miss M. J. Ramsay, Reps. Jas. Donnelly*, Reps. Mrs. L. Donnelly*, Jno. Smyth*, Thos. Wilson. Millers—T. & J. Knox
Post Master, Wm. J. Lavery, Ast, Miss Lizzie Lavery
Presbn. Church—Rev. J. Milligan
R.C.—Rev. John McCann, P.P., Rev. B. McCann, C.C.
R.I.C.—Pk. Reath, sergt.
Saw mills—T. & J. Knox
School, Natl.—S. Dodd
Scutch mill—Hh. Fulton
Spirit retailer—Jno. Donnelly
Station mstr.—Thos. Green


[Glenbush is a sub-post office to Armoy. 3 miles. Letters are delivered by carrier on the way to it.]
Blair, Wm., Clontyfinnan W.
Burns, Thos., Knocknahinch
Campbell, Robt., Ballybregagh
Chestnut, Jno., Clontafinnan W.
Clarke, James, Breene
Cochrane, William, Kingariff
Craig, James, Moyaver Up.
Craig, Thos., Tullaghora
Cusack, Alex., Bunshancloney
Daly, Geo., Carrowlaverty
Devlin, James, Essan
Devlin, John, Cleggan
Devlin, Samuel, Essan
Ferguson, James, Balleny
Ferguson, James, Moyaver Up.
Ferris, Abraham, Doonans
Finley, Wm., Clintyfinnan
Fulton, Andrew, Friary
Fulton, John, Alcrossagh
Gamble, Hugh, Turnarobert
Gillan, Alexander, Doonans
Graham, J., Cromaghs
Graham, John, Kingariff
Hanna, David, Moyaver Lr.
Harrigan, Arch., Turreagh
Harton, Wm. J., Knocknahinch
Henry, Geo., Carrowlaverty
Hunter, Wm., Chathamhall
Jamison, Charles, Carrowcrin
Jamison, W., jun, Carrowcrin
Kane, John, Carnkeeran
Kerr, Hugh, Clontyfinan
Kerr, J., jun., Cluntyfinnan W.
Kilpatrick, Thos., Ballinagashel
Kinney, Daniel, Shanes
Kinney, John, Shanes
Kirkpatrick, Jas., Ballinagashel
Knox, W. M., Magherahoney
Laverty, Jas., Chathamhall
Laverty, Michael, Carrowcrin
Lawson, W. J., Bunshancloney
Lynn, Alexander, Carnkeerin
McAlister, Jno. (P.M.), Glenbush
McAuley, R., Mullaghduff Beg
McBride, John, Knockans
McBride, Robert, Monaclough.
McBride, Wm., Monaclough
McCambridge, John, Iderown
McCaughan, John, Stroan
McCauley, Mrs. S., Tullahore
McCloskey, Hy., Aughrunniaght
McCloy, Alex., Ballybredagh
McClure, Jas., Ballynagashel
McCollam, Hugh, Knockans
McCollam, Robert, Knockans
McConaghy, Jas., Carrowcashel
McCook, John, Monaclogh
McCormick, Daniel, Tullahore
McCurdy, Hugh, Breen
McCurdy, John, Carrowcrin
McDonald, Daniel, Carrowcashel
McGarry, Mrs. E., The Glen
McGarry, Mrs. J., The Glen
McLaine, Arch., Turreagh
McLaine, John, Turreagh
McLernon, A., Mullaghduff L.
McMullan, Daniel, Stroan
McNeill, John, Carrivecashel
Moore, David, Mullaghduff
Redmond, Robt., Knockans
Scally, J., Mullaghduff Beg
Scullian, Peter, Carrowcrin
Stewart, John, Ballykenvour
Thompson, Robt., Carracloghey
Toland, William, Park
Watson, James, sen., Ballyeny