Patterson, Paterson, Patison

Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Patterson, Paterson, Patison, Pattenson, Patson—These names are the various forms of three sept names, namely, Mac Giolla-Phadraic, Mac Phaidraig, and Mac Phadeirean; the first becoming M'Ilpatrick in Antrim and Down. The last mentioned name, Mac Phadeirean, belonged to the district of Carrick in Ayrshire; also written Mac Phaterain, son of little Patrick. The Argyle sept was Mac Giolla-Phádraic above referred to, and was a branch of the McAulays (Mac Amhlaidh).

M'Phedric is a form of one of the sept names, McFeat and Mac Phater being other forms; the latter forms being Mac Phaidraig.

Families of the name of McPhedrie were in Co. Antrim in the 18th century.

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