Morrison, Morison

Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Morrison, Morison—These two names are the anglicised forms of two septs in Argyle and the Western Isles. The first sept of Morrison and Morison were known as the Clann Mhic Gille-Mhoire. This sept occupied Lewis and Harris; the Lewis sept being Hereditary Breatheamhs or Judges of that Island for generations; the Harris sept being Hereditary Armourers and Smiths. The name of these septs in Gaelic is written Mac Gille-Mhoire in the Scots' dialect of that language.

The other Morrison septs were located in Argyle, one in Glengarry, who fought under the McDonalds; the other sept being Standard-bearers to the M'Leans of Duart.

The Gaelic form of the latter septs is O'Moireasdan, earlier O'Bríosáin, i.e., Bryson, a name frequently found in Ulster. Another anglicised form of the Lewis and Harris septs is Gilmour and McGilmour.

A century back the Isle of Man form of this latter name was McVorrey, now Morrison. In St. Columba's College, Rathfarnham, Dublin, may be seen the Clonmany Relic of St. Columcille, called the "Misach." This relic was in the possession of the O'Morrison family of the N.W. of Ireland for generations, when they sold it. Mac Morrison is found in Rathlin Island.

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