Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

May—This name is the anglicised form in Ulster and the West of Scotland of a sept in Kintyre. They were Lords of Keil. The Rev. Duncan O'May was minister of Keil in 1638, as as well as Lord of Keil. Donald O'Mey, a graduate of Glasgow University, 1622, had the Church of Keil, Southend, Kintyre, and was minister at Lochkead, Campbelltown, in 1639. Cornelius O'May was Dean of Kintyre in the 16th century. The name in Gaelic is O'Meadhaich, and the sept belongs to the McDonalds. The name is also anglicised Omey, like Adrain, another Kintyre sept.

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