Houston, Huston

Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Houston, Huston—These two names are the anglicised forms of M'Quiston, M'Queston, and M'Quaston, in Gaelic Mac Uistean, a west of Scotland form of Hugh from the Norse Eystein. Another form of the name is Hewison. In Lancashire it takes the form of Hughesdon, the latter being of Norse origin.

In the northern part of Donegal, especially in the districts surrounding Stranorlar in that county, and in County Derry, the name McTaghlin, in Gaelic Mac An Teachlainn, is anglicised Huston and Houston, from what reason I am unable to tell. Hugh, a common Christian name in Ulster, is pronounced somewhat like "Que" in N.E. Ulster.

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