Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Henderson—This name is the anglicised form of M'Kendry in the first case, and its Irish Gaelic form is Mac Ionnraic, and its Scottish Gaelic form is Mac Eanruig. The M'Kendrys or M'Kendrics held Kinbaan Castle in early times, which stands out on a white limestone rock on the Antrim coast north of Ballycastle. Its Isle of Man form is Kenry, and is also anglicised M'Henry in N.E. Ulster. Also Hendrie and Hendry.

The Clan Eanruig, as they were called, were chiefs of Glencoe, in Argyle, three hundred years before Robert Bruce granted it to the Lord of the Isles. The name is derived from Eanruig Mor, son of Nectan, who came from the district of Kinlochlevan in 1011.

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