Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Gray—This name in Ulster and Scotland is one of the three colour names assumed by septs of the Clan Lamond, Black being already referred to.

McAreavy is a form as also is Reavy, in Gaelic Mac Giolla-Riabhaich, from riabhach, brindled; also anglicised M'Ilwraith.

It is also the anglicised form of the Irish sept name Culreavy and Colreavy in the districts of Ballinalee and Drumlish in Co. Longford; Mohill in Co. Leitrim, and in Cavan. In Gaelic Mac Cúilriabhaigh, and of Greevy, a sept that occupied a district in the Barony of Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Father Woulfe gives it also the anglicised form of Greyhan, Greaghan, and Greahan in Co. Roscommon (O'Gréacháin).

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