Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Ford—There are about five Irish septs who have changed their names to Ford. The first is M'Kinnawe and Kineavy (Mac Conshnamha), a sept that ruled in Muinntirkenny, Co. Leitrim or Clan Cionnaith, which lay near Lough Allen, in the parish of Innismagrath. O'Dugan writes of this sept that they ruled "a country sheltered from the wind, Mac Conshnamha rules over Clan Kenny." The sept shortened the name to Mac an Atha, and is mostly found in N. Connacht taking in N. Co. Galway.

The other names that have been anglicised Ford are McAneave (Mac Giolla-na-Naomh), which name in South Tyrone has become Gildernew, and other parts of Tyrone, Agnew.

In Mayo and Galway Mac Giollarnáth and O'Giollarnáth have been anglicised Ford. In Co. Cork O'Foran (O'Fuartháin) has been likewise anglicised.

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