Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Darragh—This name in Ulster is of Scottish origin, and has been further anglicised Oaks, from the word dair, an oak, entering into its construction.

The origin of the Darraghs arose through a branch of the McIlwraths, written in the 17th century McIleraich, a sept of the McDonald, who used oak sticks in repelling a raid of the McLeods.

The McIlwraths were in early times located in West County of Ross, and later in the Isle of Jura, whose name in Gaelic is Mac Giolla riabhaigh. Darragh and Darroch in Gaelic is Darach, or, in full, Mac Giolla riabhaigh—Darach, as this Scottish name should be written.

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