Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Creagh—This name seems mysterious in its origin to some of us. The name is, therefore, derived in origin from a branch of the O'Mulcreevy sept that occupied the district in Co. Down now known as Groomsport, east of Bangor, and this branch referred to went south to Munster about 500 years ago, assuming the name of Creagh (O'Maol-chraoibhe). Those of the name who remained in Ulster have, in latter days, anglicised the name Mulcreevy, Mulgrew, Mulgroo in The Fews, Co. Armagh; and to Rice in N.E. Ulster Counties.

Dr. Richard Creagh, Primate of Armagh in the days of Seáin Mór O'Neill, was also called Richard O'Melcrebus, a Latinised form of the name, and he belonged to the principal family of the name in North Munster. See Rice.

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