Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Craig—This name is found in Scotland and Ulster, and, according to Moore, was found in the Isle of Man in the form of Carraige in 1599. According to "Mac An T-Sionnaigh," in the "Celtic Monthly," a Scottish publication, the surname is of early origin in Ayrshire and in Aberdeeshire. I am of the strong opinion that its origin was, in Gaelic, Mac Con charraige, the Gaelic form of the north-east Ulster surname of Carrick and M'Carrick, which name has been anglicised Rocks in the Lower Fews, Co. Armagh. In the case of it being found in Aberdeen, a great number of various West of Scotland septs migrated, it seems, at one period to Aberdeenshire as Innes, Milne, Allan, anglicised forms of McInnes, M'Millin, and McAllan.

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