Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Black—The name Black in Scotland and in Ulster is of distinctly Gaelic origin. It is one of the three colour names assumed by branches of the Clan Lamond (McLaomuinn—M'Clymont) after their dispersal by the Campbells of Argyle in the middle of the 17th century, in Gaelic MacGiolla-duibh; the other two colour names being Gray or McAreavy (MacGiolla-reabhaigh), also Reavy; the third being White or McIlwain (Mac Gioll-bháin). McIlduff and McElduff are two forms of the name, and these two names are anglicised Black, the latter in Mid-Tyrone. A sept of the McLeans in Argyle write their name McIlghuie, further anglicised Huie and Houie, and likewise in Gaelic, Mac Giolla-dhuibh. Black was written McBlackie in the 18th century. McIlzeguic (Black) is a form of the Clan Lamond sept-name in Lanarkshire.

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