From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837

Labasheeda - Lisgoold | Lisgriffin - Lyons

Lisgriffin Liskeevy Lislee Lismakeery Lismalin
Lismateigue Lismore Lismore Town Charter Lismore, See of Lismullen
Lisnadill Lisnakill Lisnarrick Lisnaskea Lisronagh
Lissan Lisseltin Lissonuffy Listeely Listerling
Listowel Litter Litterluna Littermore Littermullin
Little Island (Wexford) Little Island (Cork) Littleton Lixnaw Lobbinstown
Lockeen Loghan LONDONDERRY Londonderry History Londonderry Government
Londonderry Topography Londonderry Loughs Londonderry Agriculture Londonderry Geology Londonderry Manufacturing
Londonderry Rivers Londonderry Residences Londonderry Antiquities Londonderry City Londonderry City History
Londonderry City Topography Londonderry City Trading Londonderry City Government Diocese of Derry Londonderry City Churches
Londonderry Cathedral Londonderry Schools Londonderry Hospitals Londonderry City Antiquities Long
LONGFORD Longford Baronies Longford Topography Longford Agriculture Longford Geology
Longford Manufacturing Longford Antiquities Longford Residences Longford Town Long-Island
Longwood Lorha Lorum Loughbraccan Loughbrickland
Loughcrew Lough Derg Loughgall Loughgilly Lough Glinn
Loughguile Loughill Loughin-Island Loughmore East Loughmore West
Loughrask Loughrea Louisborgh LOUTH Louth Baronies
Louth Topography Louth Agriculture Louth Geology Louth Rivers Louth Antiquities
Louth Town Lowesgrean Lowey Low Island Lowrystown
Lowtherstown Lucan Luddenbeg Lukeswell Lulliamore
Lurgan (Armagh) Lurgan (Cavan) Lurganboy Lurgan-Green Lusk
Lusmagh Lynally Lynn Lyons

Labasheeda - Lisgoold | Lisgriffin - Lyons

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